Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dunny Fatale

images courtesy Kidrobot

Monday, December 28, 2009

Cookie Baking Day

A little belated... but I have been busy!

Cookie Baking day turned out great. We were very productive and our methods this year made it run smoothly and faster than usual. We all pretty much paired up and each had a specific job. Measuring ingredients. Mixing, watching cookies in the oven, transfering from racks etc.

Julie and Gabrielle came and we had a great time. It all made for a very happy cookie Baking day!

Janet even made us all festive aprons!

There were more cookies made than shown in this picture. About 4 more trays worth! Thats alot of cookies!!

Ashley's 3rd annual Christmas party was also a ton of fun per usual! The white elephant gag gift exchange is still my favorite part.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Weekend ahead!

It is going to be a busy weekend! Our family's annual cookie baking day is saturday. I will have to see if I can find pictures from a previous year to give an idea of how insane it is. My aunt Jooji and my cousin Gooby are coming too. I am REALLY excited about this and I hope it goes well. Fingers crossed this is the beginning of a reconciliation. I haven't seen them in probably 5 years.
Sunday will hopefully be successfull in finishing up our christmas shopping and I need to paint Zachs brother a painting...which I have been putting off due to the frigid conditions of the garage. Guess I will start up the space heater out there bright and early.

Also glad that tomorrow I can say TGIF because I actually have a weekend off. Yay!

Monday, December 14, 2009

TJT Reunion!??

The Juliana Theory has been one of my favorite bands for YEARS. I was very sad when they broke up, but now they may be playing a two reunion shows. I want to do all that I can to go! They will be playing emotion is dead cd all the way through. Which is my favorite album, so the awesomeness is just that much more. I NEED TO GO TO THIS!!!! Here is the info...

SERIOUSLY? Ever heard of the word communication?

SO today has been STRESSFUL!

Busy as crap at work. I've had trucks going out for Toys for tots lately. Today two went out and then another guy came in saying I need to take truck 47. So I was like Okay.. what store do you work at? He said oh I have to take it to truck source blah blah. So I talked to him a little more then gave them the key. I was still a little unsure so I called Tashondi and she knew nothing about it. I tried to stop him but he drove off. Total panic ensued. I thought OMG I just totally assisted this guy in stealing our truck!!! so I tried to get in touch with Dana, No luck through call, email and text. Tried to call Tashondi and text. No luck. So I google searched truck source, called them and they said the truck was there. So Okay, good sign. Then I called Trevor. He said yes it was going to get an estimate for the damage from when the woman ran it into my building. ...

Is this a total lack of communication or what!!!!!??? I should have been told. and the area manager should have known. It totally sucks when you can't get in touch with anyone! It took me forever to calm down too because I was freaking out so bad. Regardless I am pissed. This is rediculous and I can't believe I have to deal with crap like this every day! UGH. I will never again send a truck out to someone I don't recognize without taking a copy of their Drivers Liscense. Lesson learned.

I really would enjoy a hug from Zach right now. Maybe I just need to gaze at Henry Cavill...

Yes please!!! swooooon...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy Bee

Today I am trapped working. :(

I have so much I want to be doing right now, but instead I have to work. Thankfully I am off tomorrow but that one measly day off leads to 5 more solid days of work. Until finally I get a weekend.

I just constantly feel like I get ZERO rest on my days off because there is SO much that needs to get done. Between cleaning the house, laundry, wedding planning and other little things I really don't have any time leftover to do what I want to do.

Last night I did get home and watch the ugly truth which was a good happy romantic comedy to relax to as all three animals piled on the loveseat around me. I wish I got a good pic of all of us, but sadly I did not. Kathy was next to me on her back with her back legs sticking off of the couch, Lurina was sprawled out on my lap and the pillow, and Penguin was laying on the back of the couch around my head. It was complete awesomeness and they stayed there for the entire duration of the movie. AND of course it ended right before zach got home and the pets all decided oh the movies over, time to get up. So no one but me got to witness the cuteness of my animal children. All I have got is this, before the kitties joined me...

I guess I shouldn't complain, and not having any time to do what you really want is part of being a grown up. It does get frustrating sometimes though!

I HOPE tomorrow is not too rainy. I really want to run but I feel like I won't get to because of weather. Plus I may go out and do something tonight. My bestie and I have a super busy day tomorrow. We are going to go hunting for wedding invites, and look at handmade paper at jerry's. If the weather is nice I will take her to see my wedding location (Don's house, Although it is still under construction). We had also planned to go to MacArthur to shop for wedding shoes, and maybe some other things too. It should be alot of fun, certainly a busy day!

Back to work for me.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A change

Okay so... I made another blog... just for the wedding! BeeZee I also spent the time moving all my wedding related posts over to the new blog.

So I have cleaned up this blog although now it looks sad and like I haven't posted in it in forever!!!

I keep thinking I've got this great head start on all my christmas presents then I go back over it and it doesn't seem like I have gotten much. Ugh! So far I have my mom, Shea, Rachel, Ashley B, and part of Zach's present done. I still need to get something for my dad, Kyla, and Kaelyn. Zach is going to get his parents gifts, and uncle Joe's gift, and I've got to make Josh a painting. Total crap.

Tonight my besties are coming over for dinner! Jamie is bringing salad stuff, I believe Amie is bringing garlic bread, I am making pasta with a red sauce which I believe will include... ground turkey, sauted spinach, garlic, onion and tomatoes... plus some seasoning. Hopefully it is tasty! It is going to be a fun night!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where did this year go?

First off.... HOW is it already December?!?!

So we have gotten the patterns for all the dresses, got everything we need for the bridesmaids and flowergirls, and ordered the fabric for my dress! Bridesmaid dresses ended up costing $50 a piece. Not bad at all I don't think!

Zach and I have been discussing the song for our first dance. So far we are disagreeing. So hopefully we will find something that we both like.

Last night I had bizzare dreams ALL NIGHT LONG. One that I remember was these two guys that abducted me and stuff and I kept escaping but they followed me to my house like crazy stalkers. I had to call the police on them. Then they found me at my work and tried to stab me and Zach fought them off. Totally weird. No idea what was going on in my head.

I have been debating whether I should send out save the dates or not. At this point I could almost wait a month or two and just send out my invites... Still not sure but I think I definately need to start looking at ordering invitations as well as calling places for prices on everything from catering to tent rentals and flowers. I've decided alot of what I want but haven't actually secured any vendors really.

All this on top of christmas stuff, its going to be a crazy month.

I have a cold. I hope it will go away and not linger for weeks. But I am thankful it is not the flu!

I suppose thats enough for now, back to eating my lunch.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Im getting married! Ahhhh!

I can't believe it! I am so excited!!! He totally caught me off guard. We went out to dinner and everything was completely normal. He had really sweaty hands but I didn't think anything of it. So we go home and I am waiting on the porch to get in the house. He went back to the car to get something and came up to unlock the door. He dropped his keys gets down on his knee ( I thought to pick them up) then he turns to me and pulls out a ring! Then asks me to marry him! I gasped with shock and he said my eyes got huge. And of course I said yes!
Turns out he even asked my dad's permission yesterday. So cute! Poor guys been a total nervous wreck all day!

Now I have so much planning to do and I couldn't be happier!

New Version of a Polaroid?

Either I am out of the loop or this just came out. Very possible it is the first one. But I am LOVING this. Its like a new version of a Polaroid camera and I want it! Film is still pretty expensive and the camera is $130.00 But I want it!!!!! Maybe Santa will get it for me....

New Moon

Okay so, New Moon completely blew Twilight out of the water. I am super tired today but I think seeing it last night was worth it. Plus I had a day full of my Bestie!
I was happy to see the special effects were considerably better... the running and the glittery skin was better, the wolves turned out pretty good too. I was worried that they were the size of real wolves but luckily they were gigantic like they are supposed to be in the book. All in all I have yet to think of something I didn't like about it. It stayed true to the book for the most part. ( there was a little more action with the Volturi but they needed more action and it was nothing crazy). Every aspect of this movie was better than Twilight. They did really well with making it depressing and dark and really showing the shift in Bella's character. I'm not gonna lie, I did really like Jacob alot more in the movie. I did NOT like him the first time I read Twilight, but the more times I have read the series the more he grows on me.

I really hope they pick up Breaking Dawn as well because there are SO many things that happen in that book that I want to see. The fourth is by FAR my favorite. I can't imagine that they wouldn't though because this movie franchise brings in SO much money and the fans would probably go insane if they didn't make it. Tweens everywhere going mental.

I also can't wait until Eclipse, which I think comes out in June. I hope it turns out as good as this one did! The only thing I could have done without last night doesn't even have to do with the movie. I could have done without that retarded line and disorganized theater, as well as those uncomfortable chairs, and all the idiot girls that had to scream when Jacob wasn't wearing his shirt and during kissing scenes. UGH shut up you idiots.

Well I think that is enough of my Nerdy post. Time to get to work...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dunny/ Munny Galore

First off... I just ordered this little guy and This munny ornament which I am super stoked to decorate, especially since my mom and brother are doing one too! It will be my 2009 ornament! hurray.

I also finally got some shelves up in my newly painted dressing/ sewing room. So my Dunnys ( well some of them...) are back on display! Still have some in the box :( and I do not want the ones on my shelf with the pottery to stay there. So I need some more shelving/ displays. But at least some are out. Zach and I have a total of 82 different dunnys, not including repeats. I love my collection!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big Step

Zach and I have been talking about buying our house from my dad. We went over things with him the other night (since he is a financial planner) but he was a little tipsy... so we need to redo that. We need to figure out how much more a mortgage payment would cost us a month. It will definiately be more than we pay now. So it is a matter of if we can afford it. I am pretty sure together we can easily get approved for the loan. If we are going to do it we need to try and do it before April so that we can get the $8,000 tax credit for new homebuyers.
This is a serious step but he seems like he definately wants to try and do it. It would definately be better to be putting our money into something we own rather than "throwing it away" on rent. Pretty exciting but scary at the same time. Major financial responsibility. Not sure if it will ACTUALLY happen but its a big possibility. And I am wondering if he wants to go through with this.. if there is more in store for us than just buying a house. No idea though. I am in the dark. HA! Only time will tell.

Also work is SERIOUSLY overloading me. I am super overwhelmed right now. I litterally have 18 BIG projects that all pretty much need to be done ASAP. Pretty sure I have too much work for one person to handle. Not to mention that is only things dealing with marketing, and I run a store on top of all that! Sheesh! I hate feeling stressed and anxious, but at the moment I don't think it is possible....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i got an entry table! hurray!

So the color really isn't awful for now. But I think I am going to make it look a little more rustic and do a wash over it with a lighter green, but the darkercolor will still come through. Maybe I'll paint it and then wipe the edges? Not sure. Guess I need to google techniques on antiquing.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Massena Storage Chest

I WANT THIS! Now lets rewind a bit...
I am finally getting rid of my Nana and Pop Pops old entertainment center... and doing a good deed all in one. I have been looking to replace the ugly entry table that went with it.. that is still in my house. So I have looked on Craiglist and in thrift stores with no luck. While on craigslist, I came across an ad where some people were helping some ex homeless people, who have just obtained a place to live but had no furniture. They were looking for people to donate furniture so these people can make their place more like home. I jumped on this because I have been looking to get rid of this stuff for a while since it is currently taking up our entire shed. So they are coming tomorrow to haul it away, and I am 99 % sure they are taking the entry table too. So I will be without an entry table.
Now... I first fell in love with this chest a few months ago when I saw it at Pier one. The one I saw is actually more of a light green color. Only it was 449.00 WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. Now its on sale... but its still 349.00. Ugh I want it so bad. But I shouldn't spend the money :( Zach would kill me)...and I am having absolutely NO luck finding a replacement table. What a predicament. I really do love it though... maybe some miracle will happen...fingers crossed!
It's only 10:30 and a very boring day at Mini Price. There is so much I could be doing if I were home. Having a home= endless work and chores to be done. But I love having my own house more than anything!
Also, I NEVER drink caffeine because it makes me extremely hyper and sometimes jittery. But this morning it was COLD in the 30's (wish it was still summer) so I decided to stop into Starbucks and warm up with a pumpkin spice latte. SO good. But I have been wired ever since! I am so motivated to do things yet I am trapped at work! What torture!

Friday, November 6, 2009

I Love to Run VB Challenge

So, since I already ran the Wicked 10 k and am pretty positive I am going to run the Shamrock 1/2 marathon I think I might as well do this challenge! The Virginia is for Lovers 14 k would pretty much fall in with training for the 1/2. If I do all 3 I get a cooler. Plus each race gets you a nice running shirt... Sooo just gotta sign up for those and pray that Ashley does too because I don't want to run it alone!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009


Seriously how are there people THIS disgusting around?

I had just finished my lunch and was at the front desk and a car pulled up. The passenger opened the door and was hunched over outside the door. And I am sitting there thinking.... what the heck. then they wiped there mouth with a towel and I am thinking OMG they are throwing up! Gross. Anyone who knows me should know I HATE throw up. So I am on the phone with my mom and I am like what do I do!? I tell her their license plate number. The woman is now standing outside barfing. My mom tells me to ask if they are going to clean it up. So they are pulling up to turn around and I go out there. I ask them excuse me are you going to clean that up? And they just look at me like I am insane. So I say this is a business and I can't have that in my parking lot. You need to clean it up. So they are like well she was throwing up before she got here. I say well that makes no difference. So they are like well she's pregnant. And I'm like I don't care if shes pregnant it is still pretty disgusting. Then they proceed to tell me I'm disgusting and I need to clean it up and drive away.

So now I have a vomit pile in the dead center of my parking lot where customers will see it and have to walk by it if they come here. Thankfully a flock of blackbirds ate all the chunks.

How are there people that inconsiderate and filthy. At least throw up in the grass! UGH. I am so grossed out and disgusted.

Scare - o - ween

The Wicked race was good, pretty hot but I think I did well. 1 hr. 4 minutes. Little over 10 min per mile. Not bad. I had trouble finding my mom and ashley and jeb after I finished though. Woops!

So Joni's party/scary halloween was successful. Minus the neighbor leech that wouldn't leave. GET A CLUE, you are ruining our party! But here are some pictures from the night. Sadly I didn't take very many. To busy scaring kids. We didn't jump out or anything just stare them down without saying a word as they walk up to the house. Pretty intimidating. There were...10 of us total including leech girl. Weirdo leech was chasing people even though we repeatedly told her not to. DUMB HEAD. Just did NOT get it. UGH. But here are some pictures from the night...

I was seriously busy non-stop from 6 am till 11 pm on Saturday. I was Super exhausted and therefor lazy on Sunday. I did clean the house and do laundry but I wore sweat pants all day and did not leave the house. Ha.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Busy little B

So, my workload has increased significantly since I took over Desiree's marketing job. I don't have as much time to write posts on here.

I have a busy weekend ahead! Tomorrow is not only Halloween but also my Aunt Joni's 40th Birthday! Oh boy! We are celebrating with having our "Scary Halloween"/ Joni Birthday party.

So today after work I am going by my house to pick up some stuff and Kathy then heading to my moms. We will go get our race packets for the Wicked 10 k tomorrow and then we need to carve pumpkins and make Joni's Birthday cake.

Tomorrow we have the race ( total bummer that its going to be 83 degrees, what the heck!?) and then we have decorating and preparations for the party. Scary halloween my whole family dresses up scary (even my grandparents) and we deck out the yard to look very festive. And we basically put on a very scary show for all the trick or treaters. They love it. We haven't done it in a few years though. Last year I tried at my house and had ZERO trick or treaters. So it is going to be VERY fun. I am quite excited!

I'll be sure to post pictures next week. Now I need to finish my lunch.

Concoction Surprise

So this is the leftovers of what was a super yummy made up dish. My mom and I just threw together some ingredients and it turned out extremely successful.


Olive Oil

1 medium size Eggplant

1 Yellow Pepper

1 medium Yellow Squash

1 Red Onion

2 large Cloves of garlic

1 tsp. Cumin

1 lb Orzo Pasta

1/2 c. Feta Cheese

1 c. Mozzarella Cheese (shredded)

1/4 c. Pine Nuts (toasted)

1/4 c. - 1/2 c. Itallian Dressing

Parmesan cheese

Dice up eggplant, squash, yellow pepper, red onion, and garlic. (keep separated) In a large skillet heat 2 tbs of olive oil. When heated add onion and cook for a few minutes then add yellow pepper and garlic. Cook another few minutes then add eggplant, squash and cumin. Let simmer on medium to low heat.

While doing this heat pot of water for the pasta. Once pasta and vegtables are cooked mix together in a large bowl add feta, and mozzarella cheeses, they will melt in with the rest of the food, also add pine nuts and Itallian dressing to taste as well as some salt and pepper. Top it off with some parmesan cheese and its ready to eat! YUM

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Year

Here's a pic from the White trash party Ashley had on Sat. Yes our outfits were awesome. Total winners.

It's hard to believe I've been dating Zach a whole year today! Looking back it doesn't seem that long, yet a whole lot has happened. I've been swamped with work which is a good think I guess, my days go by quicker yet it is way more stressful.

I love him!

Ive got a HUGE run in my tights today. Sucks. I look like an idiot. Now I need a new pair of thigh highs :(

Looks like I am going to have to close the store down to go out and buy some orange paper... woopie. I wonder if Zach and I will do anything special tonight. Probably not...


Monday, October 12, 2009

Little bit lost...

So today is my first official day as the marketing representative at Mini Price.
Seeing as I only had a day or two to 'shadow' Desiree, I don't exactly feel prepared.

I know I'll do fine with all the photoshop work that I will need to do. I just am more lost with what projects need to be done now. What people I need to contact for certain things. And sending things to the printer correctly. I just wish I had a little more preparation time...

I have been super busy though. At work I've been doing this marketing stuff. And afterwork I have had something to do pretty much every day. Last week was just SUPER busy. Friday after work Bekah came over and we went to 501 with my parents and Zach and Greg. Had alot of fun. Then went to my parents for a bit. I worked all day saturday then Zach and I went to my parents. Dianne met us there and we all went out to Tautog's for dinner. I really like that restraunt. VERY good food and our waitress was awesome. After that we went to Pacifica where david was supposed to meet us but he bailed. Ended up that Don and Liz came with their entourage from the ODU game. But I was stuck in the frigid corner and out of the conversation loop. So then my parents, Zach and Dianne all headed over to Garrisons. Their Pineapple martinis are SO good. But seriously toxic. Zach and I headed home before the other 3 exhausted.

Sunday I slept until 8:50! Thats near impossible. Almost made it to 9. I hung out for a bit, but it was boring because Zach was at work. So I headed to my moms. Ate some blueberry pancakes. Then we took the dogs on a nice long walk on long creek in First Landing State Park. Probably went around 4 miles. The weather was beautiful. Got home ate some chips then brought Zach a sandwich and ran errands. We cooked out for dinner and David came over. It was very good. Got home and watched some of the Colts game before going to bed completely exhausted.

So, Zach and I have really been making an effort to take Kathy on one if not two walks a day. We thought she was finally starting to look thinner. So we weighed her last night and she was 69 lbs. The last time she went to the vet... which was a while ago and not her highest weight she was around 73-76 lbs. So Im thinking shes lost 5- 10 pounds! So thats really good! I am hoping if she loses some weight it will relieve some of the stress and help out the arthritis in her hips. So we just have to keep it up! Its kind of hard to stop now anyways because she knows after I get home and feed her its time for a you know what. She gives me the excited begging dog start and hops around and nudges me until I take her. It's irresistable. If we didn't go I would feel super guilty.

Dennis went running with us this morning! him and 4 women. haha. I'll be glad when the time changes because getting up in the pitch black of night and starting to run when the sun is just barely starting to rise is hard. But we did get to see very pretty skies this morning...

As of now though I am super worn out and my stomach feels queasy. I think I just need to relax after work tonight. Not do anything. (except walk kathy of course!)

Friday, October 2, 2009


So tomorrow is my party. There could be as many as 30 people there. Kind of crazy. I'm really excited though. I'm going straight to my moms after work and we are going to make alot of the food tonight. I still have some cleaning to do, I don't know when I will get a chance to do it though! I guess its more straightening and organizing than cleaning exactly. Regardless I am VERY excited for tomorrow.

I love going to the Williamsburg pottery. It is like a tradition with my family. We go once or twice a year and we always make it funny and fun. Something eventful always happens. Its silly how many stupid pottery stories we have. To top it all off we are also going to the Prime outlets. <3 BCBG, Banana Republic, and Nine West.

Other potential good news I guess is that the marketing person for mini price is leaving. She does all the business card advertising and stuff, and Dana asked if I would be interested in taking on some of her work. Since she does stuff in photoshop and I sit at the sales center all day doing nothing (for the most part). So I am really excited to be able to actually DO something for the company rather than just be a body. We will see how it works out.

I wish I wasn't just sitting around now because I have so much I need to get done!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


So for my birthday dinner I picked this Italian restaurant called Razzo. Neither Zach or I had been there before. It is in Oceanview, which isn't too far from my house. The food there was really tasty.
Their bread was delicious and we ordered his awesome Baked Fennel. Which was really garlicy and had toasted bread with butter to go with it. So good. I could have just dipped bread in the sauce.
Zach got rigatoni ricotta, with sausage, and some other stuff I can't remember. His red sauce was super fresh tasting.

I ordered fettucini Alfredo with chicken. One of my favorites. The sauce was good. Not to heavy. I was also drinking a yummy Pinot Grigio I think it was called Woodbridge. Wine there is half off from 5- 6:30 too. Which is awesome since we got there early.
All in all it was very good. Great atmosphere there's only like 6 booths and 6 tables then a bar. So very quaint. Reminded me more of a Richmond restaurant. Basically I will definitely go there again!
Plus for dessert we went and got Rita's. So good. Although it made me feel over stuffed. My birthday was pretty boring sitting at work all day. But after work was awesome. Saturday will be even better!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

SO its my birthday! I am now 23. Wooo Hooo!

Nothing special happening today. I am at work as usual. BORING. Maybe Ashley will come have lunch with me... Zach is going to take me to dinner. I haven't decided on a restraunt yet. It's probably driving him crazy. HA as if on cue he just texted me AGAIN asking where we were going. I woke up and went to the kitchen to find flowers!

My mom and I got a bunch of my quilt strips cut last night. I may try to finish the rest at work today.
I'm looking forward to Saturday. Going to the pottery (my gma bought me, my mom, alyssa, joni, and herself matching shirts) theres two pink, two blue, and one purple. I got purple. They are weird and "weatherproof". We are also going to the Prime outlets ( Can't wait for BCBG, and Nine West, and Banana Republic!) Then I am having a birthday dinner at my house. Very excited!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

At a loss

There are certain things in my life right now that I really Do NOT know what to do about. I'm at a complete crossroads. And I really feel dumbfounded by it all.

My mom really pushed me running this morning. On Monday I ran 3.4 miles in 34.46 Today I ran it in 33.16. Pretty good I think. It was tough but I wasn't dying at the end, the second I stopped I was fine. My hip was bothering me a bit, but not too bad.

Tonight I am having Ashley, Amie and Jamie over for dinner. I've had chili in the croc pot cookin all day. So it should be tasty! I'm excited to see them too! Only I still feel like someone will be missing. Gulli. I wish I knew how she was, where she was, and why she doesn't want to be our friend anymore. I wonder if I will ever know.

My birthday is a week away. 23. Sounds kind of old. I feel like How the heck am I 23 already!? This past year has gone by so fast. Especially when I think about what a completely different place I was in. My life has definately changed alot.

I haven't had any customers today. I am ready to go home.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Is a good word to describe me.
I feel like I need some sort of change. I have been going through this Blonde hair withdrawl. I almost miss my platinum locks. And maybe its because Zach doesn't like blonde hair and so its almost like I am banned from ever having blonde hair again! Everyone knows you always want the things you can't have. I feel like its time for another haircut. It has only been about 2 months.... that is a decent amount of time right? I feel like I need some sort of change. My bangs definately need to be cut at least. But I am considering yet again to go shorter. But then I do like my long hair and fear I would be sad to part with it. So there's your indecision! My hair has lightened a ton this summer. I haven't dyed my hair in almost a year so it is pretty much as natural as you get. So I really should just stick with it and not dye it again... But I want to do something. My last haircut wasn't much different from what I had before...

So I also have been feeling worse about two of my 3 pets being overweight. Lurina is almost hopeless. I did find a favorite toy and have been playing with her. But she gets sick of it.

Zach and I have been aiming to give Kathy 2 walks a day. At LEAST one a day but 2 is the goal. I think she is looking a little healthier. We... or I guess more I need to stop giving her scrap people food too. Hopefully this will do her some good.

Not sure what is in store for tomorrow. Maybe need to mow the lawn again? Or start stripping wallpaper in the bathroom? Or work on the painting for my dads office? I haven't gotten to do any art lately because I've been so busy with the house. But when there are so many things you want to get done its hard to slow down and relax and do more things you enjoy. I really need to pound that into my brain. "IT DOES NOT HAVE TO ALL BE DONE AT ONCE!"
I'm generally impatient so that is a hard concept for me to grasp.

I am just waiting for this day to be over with. I haven't been posting pictures on here lately. I feel like it is making my blog gloomy. I need to fix this.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Now what do I get excited for?

The dunnies came! So exciting! Didn't get some of the rare ones I thought were awesome but we did pretty good! Now I need something else to look forward to. I guess the weekend.

I've been thinking alot about getting thigh highs. Wonder if they come in Opaque...I need to look. I like tights I just hate having them on my waist. Not attractive.

Not sure what's in store tonight... Zachs going shooting.

Dunny Awesomeness!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesdays confuse me

So now my work schedule is pretty consistant for a few weeks. Tuesday and Saturday I have off (plus Sunday since my store isn't open that day). So yesterday I was off work. I pretty much worked from 8 am to 5 pm. Hard sweaty labor. Oh the beauty of having a home. So much WORK to do.

I finally picked up poop, pinecones, and sticks. Then set to work mowing the yard. I did the front and got a blister. How lame. Zach did the backyard. It was sweat city out there, and I got alot of bug bites. Killed a ton of spiders.YUCK. Pulled some weeds too! I also cleaned out the entire garage and re-organzed. It's alot better now..

This litterally took all day. I finally showered a little after 5. Then went to eat dinner with Dianne and my mom at One Fish Two Fish. I got a tasty appetizer with crab, spinach and mozzarella with grilled squash and a red pepper sauce. It was really good. And we had good conversation till about 9:30.

Having Tuesday off really messes with me though, makes me feel like work on Wednesday is really Monday.

White water rafting came up in conversation last night. I really want to go. I mentioned it to Zach and he is also down with it. Wish he had a weekend off so we could go while its still nice enough out!

Dunnies are expected to come in the mail tomorrow! YES!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another busy weekend

I feel like there really isn't any time for relaxing. But I don't mind I like being busy and feeling like I am accomplishing something.
This weekend I:
bought a bedspread
bought fabric for my quilt
recovered both sets of chairs
painted the 1/2 bathroom ( it is REALLY bright)
cut zeba's hair
made some yummy dinners
walked kathy ALOT!

Recovering the chairs was probably the most challenging. the one set had four layers of fabric they were progressively getting more discusting. When we got down to the cushioning part it was just like dissinegrating. So we had to go get new batting and stuff to put on them. They are WAY nicer now. Before they were really hard. Probably from so many years of butt abuse. Now they are real nice, and recovering dinner chairs is really simple, so its a real easy fix.

I ran 3 miles this morning. It feels so nice to run with the weather being a little cooler. Waking up when its still pitch black out sucks but once you are up and moving its fine. I may run this Lighthouse 5k in oct. as well as the wicked 10K on Halloween. My moms friend is in charge of it and it sounds like alot of fun. Plus 6.2 miles is easy AND I can wear a costume!

My right hip is still really bothering me. Not just when I run. Its anytime really. Last night when I was trying to fall asleep it was really bothering me. Walking the dog. Right now it even aches. So my mom can't make it to her massage tonight so I am taking her place. I hope that it helps. Taking a week off of running really changed nothing.

I still have so much I need to get done. Mowing the yard is the front runner. But the list is endless...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

house photos and colors

PAINT COLORS: the bright bluish teal is for the larger bathroom.  
Brittany blue: hall and living room.
Waters edge: dining room and living room accent wall
Paris Rain: Kitchen
Bird of Paradise: Small 1/2 bath off master bendroom
Himalayan Trek: Zach's room with the other tv.

So heres some pictures of the living and dining room though they aren't very good.