Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesdays confuse me

So now my work schedule is pretty consistant for a few weeks. Tuesday and Saturday I have off (plus Sunday since my store isn't open that day). So yesterday I was off work. I pretty much worked from 8 am to 5 pm. Hard sweaty labor. Oh the beauty of having a home. So much WORK to do.

I finally picked up poop, pinecones, and sticks. Then set to work mowing the yard. I did the front and got a blister. How lame. Zach did the backyard. It was sweat city out there, and I got alot of bug bites. Killed a ton of spiders.YUCK. Pulled some weeds too! I also cleaned out the entire garage and re-organzed. It's alot better now..

This litterally took all day. I finally showered a little after 5. Then went to eat dinner with Dianne and my mom at One Fish Two Fish. I got a tasty appetizer with crab, spinach and mozzarella with grilled squash and a red pepper sauce. It was really good. And we had good conversation till about 9:30.

Having Tuesday off really messes with me though, makes me feel like work on Wednesday is really Monday.

White water rafting came up in conversation last night. I really want to go. I mentioned it to Zach and he is also down with it. Wish he had a weekend off so we could go while its still nice enough out!

Dunnies are expected to come in the mail tomorrow! YES!!

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