About Me

I am married to my awesome and tall husband Zach. We have a new addition to our family, our cute and adorable daughter Evie (short for Evelyn). We have three rescued cats, Lurina, Penguin, and Uly, plus our black lab named Kathy. We also are living in and fixing up our first house.

I am an artist. I love to paint the most and my paintings tend to be abstract with some seeming like abstract landscapes. I love to use a lot of color in them and play with textures and transparency to create depth. I also love pottery. wheel throwing and hand building. I have a pottery wheel but Zach and I's new house doesn't yet have a spot I can use it.

I like to design and make things. Whether it is refinishing furniture, painting, decorating, designing, or sewing, or knitting.

I also have a wedding blog. It is all about Zach and I's wedding which was very DIY. You can view it here.