Monday, November 2, 2009


Seriously how are there people THIS disgusting around?

I had just finished my lunch and was at the front desk and a car pulled up. The passenger opened the door and was hunched over outside the door. And I am sitting there thinking.... what the heck. then they wiped there mouth with a towel and I am thinking OMG they are throwing up! Gross. Anyone who knows me should know I HATE throw up. So I am on the phone with my mom and I am like what do I do!? I tell her their license plate number. The woman is now standing outside barfing. My mom tells me to ask if they are going to clean it up. So they are pulling up to turn around and I go out there. I ask them excuse me are you going to clean that up? And they just look at me like I am insane. So I say this is a business and I can't have that in my parking lot. You need to clean it up. So they are like well she was throwing up before she got here. I say well that makes no difference. So they are like well she's pregnant. And I'm like I don't care if shes pregnant it is still pretty disgusting. Then they proceed to tell me I'm disgusting and I need to clean it up and drive away.

So now I have a vomit pile in the dead center of my parking lot where customers will see it and have to walk by it if they come here. Thankfully a flock of blackbirds ate all the chunks.

How are there people that inconsiderate and filthy. At least throw up in the grass! UGH. I am so grossed out and disgusted.

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