Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big Step

Zach and I have been talking about buying our house from my dad. We went over things with him the other night (since he is a financial planner) but he was a little tipsy... so we need to redo that. We need to figure out how much more a mortgage payment would cost us a month. It will definiately be more than we pay now. So it is a matter of if we can afford it. I am pretty sure together we can easily get approved for the loan. If we are going to do it we need to try and do it before April so that we can get the $8,000 tax credit for new homebuyers.
This is a serious step but he seems like he definately wants to try and do it. It would definately be better to be putting our money into something we own rather than "throwing it away" on rent. Pretty exciting but scary at the same time. Major financial responsibility. Not sure if it will ACTUALLY happen but its a big possibility. And I am wondering if he wants to go through with this.. if there is more in store for us than just buying a house. No idea though. I am in the dark. HA! Only time will tell.

Also work is SERIOUSLY overloading me. I am super overwhelmed right now. I litterally have 18 BIG projects that all pretty much need to be done ASAP. Pretty sure I have too much work for one person to handle. Not to mention that is only things dealing with marketing, and I run a store on top of all that! Sheesh! I hate feeling stressed and anxious, but at the moment I don't think it is possible....

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  1. I really hope that he is sceaming for a ring soon if he is this serious about buying the house!