Monday, October 12, 2009

Little bit lost...

So today is my first official day as the marketing representative at Mini Price.
Seeing as I only had a day or two to 'shadow' Desiree, I don't exactly feel prepared.

I know I'll do fine with all the photoshop work that I will need to do. I just am more lost with what projects need to be done now. What people I need to contact for certain things. And sending things to the printer correctly. I just wish I had a little more preparation time...

I have been super busy though. At work I've been doing this marketing stuff. And afterwork I have had something to do pretty much every day. Last week was just SUPER busy. Friday after work Bekah came over and we went to 501 with my parents and Zach and Greg. Had alot of fun. Then went to my parents for a bit. I worked all day saturday then Zach and I went to my parents. Dianne met us there and we all went out to Tautog's for dinner. I really like that restraunt. VERY good food and our waitress was awesome. After that we went to Pacifica where david was supposed to meet us but he bailed. Ended up that Don and Liz came with their entourage from the ODU game. But I was stuck in the frigid corner and out of the conversation loop. So then my parents, Zach and Dianne all headed over to Garrisons. Their Pineapple martinis are SO good. But seriously toxic. Zach and I headed home before the other 3 exhausted.

Sunday I slept until 8:50! Thats near impossible. Almost made it to 9. I hung out for a bit, but it was boring because Zach was at work. So I headed to my moms. Ate some blueberry pancakes. Then we took the dogs on a nice long walk on long creek in First Landing State Park. Probably went around 4 miles. The weather was beautiful. Got home ate some chips then brought Zach a sandwich and ran errands. We cooked out for dinner and David came over. It was very good. Got home and watched some of the Colts game before going to bed completely exhausted.

So, Zach and I have really been making an effort to take Kathy on one if not two walks a day. We thought she was finally starting to look thinner. So we weighed her last night and she was 69 lbs. The last time she went to the vet... which was a while ago and not her highest weight she was around 73-76 lbs. So Im thinking shes lost 5- 10 pounds! So thats really good! I am hoping if she loses some weight it will relieve some of the stress and help out the arthritis in her hips. So we just have to keep it up! Its kind of hard to stop now anyways because she knows after I get home and feed her its time for a you know what. She gives me the excited begging dog start and hops around and nudges me until I take her. It's irresistable. If we didn't go I would feel super guilty.

Dennis went running with us this morning! him and 4 women. haha. I'll be glad when the time changes because getting up in the pitch black of night and starting to run when the sun is just barely starting to rise is hard. But we did get to see very pretty skies this morning...

As of now though I am super worn out and my stomach feels queasy. I think I just need to relax after work tonight. Not do anything. (except walk kathy of course!)

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