Monday, November 2, 2009

Scare - o - ween

The Wicked race was good, pretty hot but I think I did well. 1 hr. 4 minutes. Little over 10 min per mile. Not bad. I had trouble finding my mom and ashley and jeb after I finished though. Woops!

So Joni's party/scary halloween was successful. Minus the neighbor leech that wouldn't leave. GET A CLUE, you are ruining our party! But here are some pictures from the night. Sadly I didn't take very many. To busy scaring kids. We didn't jump out or anything just stare them down without saying a word as they walk up to the house. Pretty intimidating. There were...10 of us total including leech girl. Weirdo leech was chasing people even though we repeatedly told her not to. DUMB HEAD. Just did NOT get it. UGH. But here are some pictures from the night...

I was seriously busy non-stop from 6 am till 11 pm on Saturday. I was Super exhausted and therefor lazy on Sunday. I did clean the house and do laundry but I wore sweat pants all day and did not leave the house. Ha.

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