Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nursery Paint Color

The babies curtains came in! I LOVE them. Also got this little pull back. So now it is time to pick out a paint color! I am thinking about these...
Really not sure how true the color is to the picture though. I think they are lighter and warmer in person...The colors are Cement Gray, Barren Plain, Portland Gray, and Abalone, all from my Benjamin Moore paint deck. I was looking at the 2nd row from the top. The curtain is a little pinker than it appears in this picture. Here is the curtain though it is a paler pink in person.

and the awesome tieback.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is up! SO happy we finally have one. Usually I decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving. So this year was a bit belated. I had to move around the furniture a bit to squeeze the tree in. We got a fraiser fir and it smells so good! I usually get fuller wider trees but I just didn't have the room. This one is still a good 7' tall but its just narrow. I really like how it turned out!

I still need a tree skirt. Last year I just wrapped a white fur blanket around the bottom. I have grown rather attached to it though and sit with it every night. I was thinking of making a tree skirt with burlap. Just not sure if I feel like sewing! I guess I could just wrap the fabric around the bottom this year then make it into an actual skirt for next year...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Glitter Accent Nail

I used OPI's French Quarter for Your Thoughts. and a Orly pink glitter on each of my ring fingers. I did 4 coats of the glitter so it would be that thick. Love it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby Bump Progress

I have been meaning to add these for a while, figured it was about time since I am halfway!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nursery Inspiration

So now that I know the baby is a girl I am starting to think of the nursery. I will have mainly white furniture though the dresser and changing tables may be white with a stained top. My mom has also said she plans on making the baby a quilt which will match my colors... Which will be a light warm grey on the walls. And a pale pinkish/ peach color, plus white, and copper or brown. So pretty neutral with some light pink accents. Also very girly and romantic.

LOVE these knobs for the babies room. on the dresser and changing table. They are on clearance plus I may have a hook up for extra discounts... *wink * Kaelyn... haha

This chandelier I have. It was in my bedroom at my parents house and will be perfect for the nursery. It is way more bronze/copper than this picture looks.

LOVE these curtains. They are 54"W x 84"H. I should only need one panel. But depending on if I can get a good discount or not (they are not cheap) I may be making my own. I am 100% in love with them though.

I love this little mobile and I could definitely make it myself.

Also like this Mobile which would also be easy to make. I also love the little shelves on the wall.

These two art pieces from I may be able to get from a friend. But I love them both and think they would look most excellent.

This last shot not only is very much the color scheme I like but it also has my curtains! Love it.

New Painting

This is the newest painting I've done. It is a 36" x 36". Let me know if you are interested in it! 

I also did a painting for a friend, Denise for her bathroom. Sorry, cell phone lighting is never perfect.

It's A Girl!

Zach and I had our first ultrasound yesterday where the baby didn't just look like a bean! It is the craziest thing to see the little baby moving all around.  Zach's face of pure shock when the tech said it was a girl was classic. He completely expected a boy. We both couldn't be happier though. The tech also kept calling the 2nd shot her "princess area". 

I am halfway into my pregnancy and feeling great. Due date is March 29th. Currently the baby weighs 13 oz. so getting close to a pound! 

I feel like I can really officially start planning things now like the nursery. We have 2 names that we have narrowed it down to, of course I like one better and Zach likes the other better.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flash Flood

Last Wednesday night we had an insane thunderstorm. The pets and I stayed up in the front room waiting for Zach to make it home on the flooded streets admist an insane lightning storm with 45+ mph gusting winds. FINALLY after about 20 extra minutes of drive time he gets home only to discover that our back room ( the converted garage) was entirely flooded with at least an inch of water.

We spent the remainder of the night moving stuff out of that room. Putting the furniture up on wood chunks and shop vac-ing the carpet. After dumping the full shop vac out at least 4 times we decided the floor was as dry as we would get it at that point. At least there were no puddles. The next day our friend Kyle brought us a dehumidifier and we had 3 fans set up. The carpet is just now mostly dry however it is now crusty and our house smells extremely of mildew. So sad to say that hideous brown and now crunchy shag carpet has to go.

We decided home depot was our best bet since we still have some gift cards from the wedding. I am kind of bummed we have to use them because we had been saving them for my new countertops. Sadly that is now pushed back in to the way distant future. The carpet is an absolute necessity though and I think the room will look way better with fresh new carpet. We went with a pretty basic patterned carpet and got a pretty good price for it. I am pretty excited about it now although it will probably be almost three weeks before we can actually get it installed. They are coming to measure on Thursday, then it will take about another two weeks for the install.
Here is the sample of the carpet in the color we chose. Skyline Steel.

Zach also spent a lot of time the past few days digging a trench and filling it with rock in the back yard as well as doing the whole flower bed next to the back door with rock. So hopefully we have enough drainage back there now and our room will not flood again!

Fall Nails

Well I managed to spend all of my birthday money in one day! I knew otherwise it would get spent on food or something.

I got a new mermaid at the neptune festival to add to our collection in the kitchen. I will add a picture once it is hung.

I also got some MAC makeup. I desperately needed to replace my All that Glitters eye shadow and my Painterly Paint Pot. Which were entirely used up. Considering I got the old ones right before my wedding though I would say they definitely lasted. I also got a new shadow Quarry. However when I got home I discovered they had given me a bright purple instead. So now I have to go exchange that.

I also got new OPI nail polish of course. Including French Quarter for Your Thoughts, and three others which I can't think of the names off the top of my head... however I did a french with two of them, and my toes in the other.
I love it. So fall. It is kind of a mocha brown color with a more mauve sparkly tip.

My parents are taking Zach and I out tonight for my birthday. I still haven't decided where I want to go to eat. It will be fun no matter where we go I am sure. The birthday card Zach got me was really funny. I love it, so I must share.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Past Due

Well I guess I am about past due for a blog entry.  I have really been slacking but it is about time I post about being pregnant now that the word is out and all! Ultimately for the past few months I haven't had anything going on since I was super tired and queasy most of the time. I pretty much just went to work and  hung out on the couch reading. But I have to say it wasn't that bad. I am very thankful I did not really have morning sickness. Now that I have hit my second trimester I am feeling like I have way more energy. I've got a definite baby bump now rather than simply always looking fat. My back is already bothering me though and I have a hard time getting comfortable in bed. Zach said he would get me a body pillow as the rest of my birthday present. I am pretty excited about that. I mean how comfy does this look!

Now the only thing I have really done to document being pregnant at all is take a few pics. Three so far to be exact. I saw this on Pinterest and loved it. So I have been attempting to create my own.

Once I have the pictures some what edited I will start posting so you can see the progress!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camera Woes

Well my old timey Nikon D100 has been out of service for a while. I think there may be a problem with the lens and or camera because it really doesn't like to get in focus and there is dirt inside the lens. I just called to see how much it would cost to get it serviced and the quote was $415. Holy crap! I would be better off getting a brand new Nikon D 3100 for $650. Which sadly I can't afford either option. I would hate to buy a new lens and then discover it is the camera that is the problem. Guess I am stuck without a nice camera to take pretty pictures. Boohoo!

Nail Painting

If you know me then you already know I am semi- obsessed with nail polish and nail painting. I probably paint my nails once every 3 days since they chip so quickly. Plus once my nail polish chips I sit there and peel all the rest of the polish off. I use OPI's Chip Skip, so usually it comes off in almost one whole chunk.

Here are some of my recent nail polish adventures.

First up Marblizing. I got this idea on Pinterest when I saw this:

I followed the steps on this blog. I actually did them once and wasn't satisfied: Here is my first attempt.

So I took that polish off and started over then I got this result:

Yes this process was extremely messy, time consuming and uses a lot of polish. I think overall with both attempts I spent a good 3 1/2 hours on my nails. The water has to be room temp or it will not work. By the end I had a pretty good method down. But still all that work and it only lasted a few days! Note that this picture was taken before I got to clean my nails up and that was what it looked like with me taping around my nails. Here is a shot with the tape still on....
Here is a kind of close up shot. Definitely not clean around the edges.

I have some matte polish from Essie that I love. You use it as top coat and it turns your polish matte. It took a while to get used to not having glossy nails but I really like it. I think it works best with dark jewel toned nail polish.  Sorry that all these pictures were taken on my cellphone. And in weird my car! HA

I did my toes attempting the glitter fade. I think it turned out pretty cool. I liked it so much I did my nails the exact same though I did not get a picture of that.

The lighting on this next picture is awful so I apologize in advance. I used a very light silvery purple with a graphite grey metallic polish on the tips.

This last one is another attempt on an idea I got on pinterest. It uses one of my favorite polishes Essie's Chinchilly with a gold glitter fade.

I think it looks pretty cool. I am currently still sporting this look. I think next I am going to try a french with just clear polish or a very very transparent color with glittery tips. Yes I am slightly obsessed with glitter.
Here is my inspiration:
Too bad I do not sport an iphone to take nice pictures with instagram.

I do have to say I am getting VERY good at painting my nails even with my bad hand!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Uly sleepy cat

This little guy is a huge trouble maker but its impossible to stay mad at a little guy that cute!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Dunny Shelves

I spray painted the shelves I got from the thrift store white and hung them in the den. Finally I have almost all of my dunny's back on display!

I love it!