Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy Bee

Today I am trapped working. :(

I have so much I want to be doing right now, but instead I have to work. Thankfully I am off tomorrow but that one measly day off leads to 5 more solid days of work. Until finally I get a weekend.

I just constantly feel like I get ZERO rest on my days off because there is SO much that needs to get done. Between cleaning the house, laundry, wedding planning and other little things I really don't have any time leftover to do what I want to do.

Last night I did get home and watch the ugly truth which was a good happy romantic comedy to relax to as all three animals piled on the loveseat around me. I wish I got a good pic of all of us, but sadly I did not. Kathy was next to me on her back with her back legs sticking off of the couch, Lurina was sprawled out on my lap and the pillow, and Penguin was laying on the back of the couch around my head. It was complete awesomeness and they stayed there for the entire duration of the movie. AND of course it ended right before zach got home and the pets all decided oh the movies over, time to get up. So no one but me got to witness the cuteness of my animal children. All I have got is this, before the kitties joined me...

I guess I shouldn't complain, and not having any time to do what you really want is part of being a grown up. It does get frustrating sometimes though!

I HOPE tomorrow is not too rainy. I really want to run but I feel like I won't get to because of weather. Plus I may go out and do something tonight. My bestie and I have a super busy day tomorrow. We are going to go hunting for wedding invites, and look at handmade paper at jerry's. If the weather is nice I will take her to see my wedding location (Don's house, Although it is still under construction). We had also planned to go to MacArthur to shop for wedding shoes, and maybe some other things too. It should be alot of fun, certainly a busy day!

Back to work for me.

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