Thursday, December 10, 2009

A change

Okay so... I made another blog... just for the wedding! BeeZee I also spent the time moving all my wedding related posts over to the new blog.

So I have cleaned up this blog although now it looks sad and like I haven't posted in it in forever!!!

I keep thinking I've got this great head start on all my christmas presents then I go back over it and it doesn't seem like I have gotten much. Ugh! So far I have my mom, Shea, Rachel, Ashley B, and part of Zach's present done. I still need to get something for my dad, Kyla, and Kaelyn. Zach is going to get his parents gifts, and uncle Joe's gift, and I've got to make Josh a painting. Total crap.

Tonight my besties are coming over for dinner! Jamie is bringing salad stuff, I believe Amie is bringing garlic bread, I am making pasta with a red sauce which I believe will include... ground turkey, sauted spinach, garlic, onion and tomatoes... plus some seasoning. Hopefully it is tasty! It is going to be a fun night!

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