Monday, June 28, 2010

Some things accomplished, some things not.

My list for my weekend to-do's was extensive and sadly I didn't get it all done. My weekend was an impromptu 3 day weekend. Sadly not for a good reason. Friday was my uncle Jeff's funeral. That put a damper on the three day weekend. However I still accomplished a lot. Friday I went to some thrift stores and found an old green bottle, some potpourri an awesome BCBG dress, and another dress from the loft. Pictures to come.

Alyssa and I also tackled the disaster of the back room. Basically anything and everything that didn't have an immediate home when we moved got put there, and stayed there. It was basically a room filled with junk and no place to walk. It is the 3rd bedroom which will be an office, studio, and room for miscellaneous items like Zach's guitar collection. I wish I had taken a picture before, but lets just say it is greatly improved. I can now call it organized.

Saturday Zach and I had to make a trip to Lowe's. What a married thing to do. Sadly the patched holes weren't dry enough to sand so I didn't get to paint the living room. However I did manage to paint the entry table. Alyssa and I also hung up all my pictures and paintings. Much improved, the house actually looks lived in now. Zach spent the day working on a big L shaped desk for the back room.

Sunday I started sanding one of the side tables, and Zach was working on the desk, when he decided he wanted to go to water country! It is rare for him to be spontaneous, so I went with it and Alyssa and my brother ended up coming. Minus my migraine for half of it it was a lot of fun. Plus now for the price of one ticket we can go there as much as we want through August first. Sadly we can't call it free since parking is $13 and a locker is $10 but still, pretty good deal. The desk and side table are still works in progress. I think we had a pretty successful weekend though!

Now our AC is broken. Of course its almost 100 degrees out today too. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow. I'm more mad that I knew something was wrong and we had someone come out Wednesday. He said it was fine, now we are stuck with no AC and have to wait for them to come back tomorrow. I may be sleeping at my moms. I also think I have decided that if our house isn't too unbearable I may paint tonight.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I love lurina

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I refinished my entry table!

  Here is the best before Picture I could find. This is the entry table from before which I got from a thrift store.
And here is the after:
I think it turned out great! Just how I wanted it. I painted it with a brush, I wanted it to look antiqued. I also mixed a tiny bit of the paint with a clear glaze and used that as well as just the solid paint.  I will have to take some detail shots because it is a bit streaky, and not just painted solid. I think it looks great with my Anthropologie knobs! It will look so much better after the wall is painted too. That is happening on Saturday. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out though. Alyssa helped me paint it, we also hung up all my pictures and paintings. Which has made our house look a lot better.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blue Pitcher

I went to Thrift Store USA the other day (which is my FAVORITE thrift store in the area) It is not only clean and organized but they have good furniture usually, and pretty fair prices, a lot of times they will discount furniture for you if you ask. I was on the hunt for things like this... rustic, or colored glass items, or white pitchers, and vases.
(photo courtesy Restoration Hardware)

(Photo courtesy Pottery Barn)

I found this awesome blue green glass pitcher and I had to have it. I love blue and green glass. Especially as accents in my kitchen and house.

Fresh Buds

I went to my favorite grocery store Kroger Sunday, even though its a bit far away now. I love that they have Manager's Special (clearance) Flowers. I snagged both the alstroemeria and the red violet flowers, not exactly sure what they are, were each 1.99 a piece. So $4 for this bunch, not bad! Plus they are both holding up extremely well!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Plumbing Problems

Zach and I have encountered our first big home disaster emergency. The tub had been getting more and more clogged. When we got home from our honeymoon it was even worse. I bought a bottle of draino and ended up using the entire thing, only that didn't work at all. I figured we would get a hold of a snake and attempt to fix the clog that way. Only the clog decided to fight back before we had a chance. Wed morning Zach got up to shower and realized it wasn't draining much at all. Once he got out of the shower he realized all the water from the tub was deciding to come back up through the bottom of the toilet around the wax ring and flood the entire bathroom. We ended up getting a plumber over who had to run a snake through the roof. Good news he got rid of the clog, bad news was there was a bigger problem with the pipe leading out of the house. He said he believed roots had made their way into the pipe and thats where the main problem was. So until we fixed that we couldn't really use the bathroom at all.
So to not rake up an insane bill we decided to do the digging ourselves. We weren't exactly sure where the pipe was but we had a general idea. My poor flower bed is now destroyed.. First step was to rip out the big hedge in the area we needed to dig. Then Zach, his dad, and brother began digging a trench that by the end of Wednesday was 6 feet wide and a foot and a half deep. Still no sign of the pipe and the thunderstorm stopped them of digging any more. Thursday the three of them went back at it and ended up with a 10 ft wide trench, still no pipe. Finally after 7 hours of digging yesterday they had uncovered the pipe.
And all my pretty flowers are killed. It took the plumber about 15 minutes to replace the terracotta pipe (how old is that! probably original to the house) with PVC. Indeed roots had broken into the pipe and made a massive clog. So at least its fixed now. Poor Zach, Mike and Josh are going to be sore for days. Now I am left with a pathetically destroyed flowerbed. What can I plant in the summer that doesn't have extreme roots?!


I need to make some more of these guys...
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Thursday, June 17, 2010


I FINALLY GOT A NEW PHONE! Sunday my Envy 2 decided texting was no longer an option. Then I decided it was time to get the Motorola Droid which I have been longing for.  Rumor has it that the Droid X and Droid 2 are about to come out on the 23rd. I do have 30 days to exchange the phone if I want... not sure if I will or not. So far I love my Droid and am so glad to finally be on the smart phone bandwagon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Better Homes and Gardens...

Must be mind readers, or just have good style. They were also inspired by sea glass in their beachy featured homes of their June 2010 issue!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New do!

So I kept to my word and got my hair chopped off!

I really like it! Should be pretty easy. Feels so much shorter...I probably lost about a foot. Thanks Tori for such an awesome job! Plus Wink Salon is donating all of their hair to the oil spill cleanup. Alyssa keeps saying I look like Victoria Beckham, or a hot mom. Opinions?

Monday, June 14, 2010

More Fresh Flowers

I love fresh flowers. I have been admiring my neighbors hydrangea bushes on the end of our street since we got home. They are Huge blue, and blue/purple bushes. I have hoped I would catch them outside so that I could ask to cut a few stems, however I've had no such luck. I decided to go to my Nana's instead since I knew she had a pretty hydrangea bush. So I cut a few stems, as well as some more flowers from my own yard. I forgot that these are strange hydrangeas. They look fake almost, and the petals are curved. I have no idea what variety of hydrangea they are though. Does anyone know?

even Lurina wants to smell them!

Gathered Clutches

Found these on Anna Graham's blog Noodlehead. So cute. I may try to make one!

Friday, June 11, 2010

kathy loves some Ritas!

cats r lovin on some catnip!

i just got this cute bookmark! haha


My hair is in pretty rough shape since I haven't cut it since August, and was determined to grow it out for the wedding. While I like my hair long, it just seems to be getting thinner and thinner. I am surprised I am not bald with all the hair I am shedding. Plus the ends are in awful shape. My bangs seemed to have reached a point where they don't want to grow out anymore too. I have made an appointment for Tuesday, but still have no idea what I want. I just want something fresh and different. It seems a lot of the hairstyles I liked are drastically shorter and have bangs. Bangs are cute but they always end up getting dirty real fast. Not sure I want to venture into that again.

Don't know why they are all blondes...which is another thing I have been longing to revert to. This is the only picture I could find while at work of me with blonde hair...

My family always liked me as a blonde. Now I am actually back to my natural color and I haven't dyed my hair in a year and a half. Longest time ever since 7th grade. My hair is like a reddish light brown with a hint of dirty blonde. Here you can some what glimpse my hair length and color... and my stupid grown out bangs falling out of my headband!

I know Zach would be quite upset if i went back to blonde... but maybe I can make a compromise with blonde highlights? No telling. Any hair suggestions for me?

New Freebie

Thanks to Liz for giving this to Zach and I. I think it may need some refinishing. Maybe I will paint the light part white and paint the dark parts some accent color? No idea where it will go yet...

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Remember these beauties I saw at Anthropologie a while back?

Well I finally went back to purchase 5 for my living room...only to find them gone. So sad! However I did find these which I also like a lot. So I purchased them instead. Another bonus is they happened to be $2 cheaper each! Hopefully they look just as good in person. Now of course today low and behold the first knobs I liked are on the site. What the heck!? Oh well. No telling why theres way more now! Here is what I did get.

These are real cute too.

Munny Munth

So by now anyone who reads my blog should know that I love Kidrobot, especially their Dunny's. I have a few blank Munnys to design. One is the cat Trikky, the other is just a normal munny, and I also have a smaller Munny ornament. So apparently over at Kidrobot it is Munny Month. There is a design contest for the best designed Munny. I'm considering entering. You can go here to enter.  Last weeks winner Bryan Collins did an unbeliveable job with his Zombie Munny. Then again he makes a lot of custom toys. See his work here.

 I really don't think I could trump that, but it would still be fun to enter. If anything it could at least motivate me to actually design mine rather than let them continue to collect dust!

Note: I just realized its 7 inch Munnys only. Boo. At least they are offering Buy one Get one Free!