Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

Okay so, New Moon completely blew Twilight out of the water. I am super tired today but I think seeing it last night was worth it. Plus I had a day full of my Bestie!
I was happy to see the special effects were considerably better... the running and the glittery skin was better, the wolves turned out pretty good too. I was worried that they were the size of real wolves but luckily they were gigantic like they are supposed to be in the book. All in all I have yet to think of something I didn't like about it. It stayed true to the book for the most part. ( there was a little more action with the Volturi but they needed more action and it was nothing crazy). Every aspect of this movie was better than Twilight. They did really well with making it depressing and dark and really showing the shift in Bella's character. I'm not gonna lie, I did really like Jacob alot more in the movie. I did NOT like him the first time I read Twilight, but the more times I have read the series the more he grows on me.

I really hope they pick up Breaking Dawn as well because there are SO many things that happen in that book that I want to see. The fourth is by FAR my favorite. I can't imagine that they wouldn't though because this movie franchise brings in SO much money and the fans would probably go insane if they didn't make it. Tweens everywhere going mental.

I also can't wait until Eclipse, which I think comes out in June. I hope it turns out as good as this one did! The only thing I could have done without last night doesn't even have to do with the movie. I could have done without that retarded line and disorganized theater, as well as those uncomfortable chairs, and all the idiot girls that had to scream when Jacob wasn't wearing his shirt and during kissing scenes. UGH shut up you idiots.

Well I think that is enough of my Nerdy post. Time to get to work...

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