Thursday, April 1, 2010

Finally I have a weekend!

And its going to be a beautiful one at that! Upper 70's and sunny. Exactly what I call perfect weather. i have so many things I want to do it will be hard to choose what to do.

Things on my list of possibilites:

  • Give Kathy a bath - *A must do

  • Begin working on refinishing furniture including: my new table and chairs, my sewing table, a little side table I found a while ago at a thrift store, and my entry table

  • Thrifting- to hunt for more furniture

  • Run *this will happen both tomorrow morning and saturday morning

  • paint!

  • make a new easter hat! I don't know how I will out-do my hat from last year though. Here is a picture...

Now I have wanted to refinish my entry cabinet that I got at a thriftstore a while back. Here is a post that has pictures of it. Its an Olivey green right now. I want to brighten it up. I was thinking a lighter seafoamy green. I know both of these are darker than what I am thinking. But I like the look of this finish. Almost slightly distressed.

I also am still thinking of a solution for refinishing that great table Janet got us from the thrift store. I was thinking white. But with our kitchen cabinets, floor, and currently countertops (which hopefully that will change soon) all being white. I am just not sure if I should go that direction or not. I do plan on painting the walls a light seafoamy green color ( yes I know similar to the cabinet I want to refinish) Then I will redo the back splash with strips of green and blue glass, kind of like a mosaic. Lately I have really been drawn to light blues and greens with neutrals and whites. Kind of a beachy look color wise I guess. Like sea glass. I guess that is something I still have to think about. It will probably end up a white table.

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