Monday, April 5, 2010

More Thrift Store Gems

Here are Janet and I's great thrift store finds from this weekend. We got this dresser below for $9.98! Which is very 50's. I plan on painting it white, replacing the top of it which is a formica counter top with some wood, and replacing the feet/legs on the bottom it will look WAY better. I will probably use it as a TV console for our smaller tv which will go in the converted garage room.

This is DEFINATELY my favorite thing we found. I just think this hutch is awesome. I can store books or whatever in it and it even has a drawer beneath the cabinet. I even like the color. The top is a little beat up and needs to be sanded and repainted and there is a messed up spot on the side. I will probably save this one for last since it isn't too bad to begin with. But I think I will eventually color match it and then just do the repairs so that I am not refinishing the entire thing. Did I mention we snagged this for only $34.98??

The last thing we found is a little end table. which I love that it has the cubby spot, perfect for me to put a basket of knitting stuff in or even some books. I think I will paint this one white as well then paint the inside of the cubby an accent color. Of course I will replace the hardware too.

Currently Zach and I's garage is taken over with the table and chairs so Janet is storing the two big things at her house until we move. I am off work Wednesday so maybe I will get to work on some furniture refinishing and get a suntan while I am at it! Very happy with these though, that is for sure!

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