Thursday, April 15, 2010

Custom Sofas

Zach and I are on the hunt for sofa's, along with various other furniture for our very soon-to-be home. This morning one of my favorite blogs to follow YHL posted about this company Custom Sofa Design. They offer a HUGE selection of styles and fabric and custom make it for what you need (size wise and everything) for really good prices! Alot of the styles are exact copies of couches from Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel, but are a fraction of the cost. It looks pretty cool if I must say so. They will send you fabric swatches too.

My biggest drawback with it is that you don't get to test out how comfortable the couches are. Also I am not sure if they take credit cards and some of the reviews I read were giving negative feedback about the shipping and that they did not get updates. However most of the reviews seemed pretty positive. Definately something to think about if you have a tighter budget but have expensive taste, especially since you can completely customize it.

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