Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kitchen Inspiration

ur official closing date for Zach and I's new house is the 26th! So I have begun planning for our kitchen. Now this is what is there currently (ignore all the STUFF, because that will be gone when we move in) However we do get all the appliances!
The countertops are currently white, notice the corner counter is different (small tile) vs. the laminate on the other countertop. It also drives me crazy that the backsplash is only on the wall behind the sink and not behind the range. Not that I am a fan of the checker boardish backsplash.There is also a white tile on the floor.

Now I was planning on replacing the backsplash tile myself (with the help of my mom and probably Joni and whoever else wants to chip in!). I had planned on buying sheets of blue and green colored glass. Then cutting the glass into 1 inch wide strips.and placing them vertically on the wall. My mom, Joni, and Grandma have all done this at their houses. However they did triangles, probably because triangles are easier! Theirs are also not really color specific like mine will be. Here are the best shots I could find... I know, not great.
I thought this kind of had a similar idea colorwise to what I am thinking of, though mine will be more blue and green. And obviously not squares.
The cabinets now as you can see above are a light grey. I am going to paint them white. I was also planning a light seafoamy green wall. So with everything light I figured the counters should be dark. Like black/dark grey. I mentioned this to Zach and he vetoed it. I just think he needs to see it. I am not sure if he can visualize it. So I have been hunting for images of white kitchen cabinets and black counters. Granted ours will not be nearly as fancy as any of these, and our counters will be laminate, not marble or granite.
Maybe after seeing these pictures he will have a change of heart? And share my vision? I think the dark counters would compliment our appliances well. So that they aren't the ONLY dark things in the room.

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