Thursday, April 8, 2010

Furniture Hunting: Round 1

Yesterday I was off work and Janet and I went to a few thrift stores, continuing our hunt for great furniture finds. We didn't have much luck but I did find a new dunny shelf for only $2.98. Pretty happy about it. Sorry I do not have a photo of it.
After going to around 3 thrift stores and finding things a little overpriced we decided to check out some furniture stores to get some ideas for my soon to be living room. Surprisingly we did not see a whole lot that we liked. Room Store I think had the most stuff I liked and wasn't horribly expensive. We also checked out Haverty's, Haynes, Overstock Furniture, and Lazy Boy. Here are our finds:
I love the cottagey feel of this coffee table, plus the storage is an added bonus.
Not crazy about the fabric on this chair but it does both swivel and rock back and forth!
Love this couch! Long enough for Zach and still pretty narrow.
We need some little side chairs since we can't fit more than one couch, these are both small and cute!
I like this but it may be too oversized for our house...would look pretty nice though, our TV would fill up the entire TV opening.
Another side chair option. Yes, they are the same chair, just different colors.

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