Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Real Portfolio

Jessica is being awesome and photographing all my paintings for me! Professional style. At least all the paintings we can manage to get our hands on. Some are at my aunt and uncles in Florida and James has some which I doubt I will ever see those again! But for the most part I should be able to get pictures of most of them. Surprisingly my paintings are spread out amungst my family and some friends.

  • Shea,
  • Alyssa
  • my grandma
  • my mom
  • Aunt Stacy
  • Aunt Becky
  • Aunt Joni
  • Janet
  • Josh
  • Ashley
  • James (won't get pictures of that one)
  • Jamie has one too.
  • Then of course I have some. I wonder if I am forgetting anyone....

Now I have set a goal for myself. With the encouragement of my soon to be husband. He is the one pushing this portfolio thing along...Plus the fact that my awesome cousin Ashley has got a show of her own in the largest building in Virginia! (I think thats the building its in). Shea was also talking to me about us having A Galleria Gegan! Hahahah Which in our little dreamland would be an Art gallery up front housing our art, maybe joni's steppy stones, and maybe cousin Ashleys work with a studio for our creative exploration of paint and clay in back! If this ever became reality it would be awesome though right now it seems to be in the very distant future.

Back to my goal: which is create a body of work and open my own Etsy shop by the end of summer. Maybe I should set another goal of one(or more) paintings a week after we get back from our honeymoon. If I stuck with that plan I would have 12 paintings by the end of August. Granted depending on size I could probably get more done if I did a bunch of smaller works. I know it will be hard to find the time... with all the home projects and stuff going on, but instead of watching tv and doing nonsence after work I probably should be dedicating some time to painting and hopefully will end up with some extra income as a result of it.

Truthfully there is too much going on with buying the house, and moving, and the wedding to start now. But after all this stuff is over there will be no excuses. I will post pictures on here of my work as Jessica and I get the photos taken!

Things are looking up I just must keep myself motivated. The nice weather we are having really boosts my mood too. I don't know if everyone feels that way but perfect weather makes me alot happier. Plus Ashley and I had a great run this morning ( despite how difficult getting up at 6am is) and I guess a combination of the endorphins(is that what you get?) from the exercise and the coffee I consumed after... i feel extremely motivated despite being a bit tired.

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