Monday, March 15, 2010


I never expected to fall so in love with a house. I guess I came into this whole thing with a slightly pessimistic outlook. But for some miraculous reason Zach and I both Loved this little house. Miraculous that we even agreed on it! Of course nothing is easy and now the chances of us getting this house are not looking so good. :(

Although this house has been on the market since August the seller is not too motivated and in no rush to sell the house. It is listed at 209,900. Our first bid was 180,000 then our second was 190,000. Not sure if the seller is going to go any lower than 205,000 which we probably can't afford.
The loan officer we have been working with has estimated the mortgage rates to be at 1450 per month for 200,000 while the first loan officer had it at like 1244. We could afford the 1244. So I guess right now we are trying to figure out what our mortgage payment would really be so that we know if we should try and put in a bid at 200,000. Which even with a bid at 200,000 the seller still may reject the offer.

All in all this has me super stressed out and anxious. I really love this little house and we have pretty much seen everything else out there and nothing even compared. Zach is really set on buying something though and is talking about getting a condo. which I really don't feel like I would be happy with. I don't know. Hopefully this works itself out and FAST! Fingers crossed.

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