Monday, March 22, 2010

Bathroom picks?

I have been attempting to pick out things for the bathroom... Though now that I think of it I am not sure that we can wait with registering for it all, because we will probably need a shower curtain before the wedding. I still am not sure if I really love either of these shower curtains either... Is it all too matchy? I dont know. I also do not know why I am doubting myself so much about this! I wish I could go into the bathroom and measure! I also want to measure the windows and everything. Hmm. Well here is my attempt at some type of mood board. Originally I wanted to paint the room a seafoam green. But with alot of the rest of the stuff being green I think I may need to either change my selections or pick a different paint color... I definately know I want those two cabinets though...

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