Monday, March 8, 2010

Stress levels maxing out!

Well work today started off crazy. Someone broke out the glass of the front door and came in and stole the flat screen TV from the sales center! Totally crazy. My glass got replaceed this afternoon at least. I doubt they will catch who did it though. Aparrently its been happening alot around town center lately. Scary!

House hunting is turning stressful. Aparently theres only a select few houses that the FHA loan we were approved for can get? I don't really understand all that complicated mess. Zach really likes one of them. I had been hoping that since it was under budget we could use the remainder for updates and repairs. Apparently that is not a good thing to do though. Booo! We are going to see it on Sunday. Zach really wants to try and get someplace while we can still get the tax credit so it is like we need to move fast.

Really this on top of the wedding and everything else going on right now is making me super anxious and stressed out! I don't like feeling rushed or like I don't have very many options. I don't think it helps that I don't know the first things about loans or buying a house either. I don't want to be tricked or misunderstand something.

I also have no patience so possibly being stuck with some aspects of the house that I hate for an extended period of time doesn't make me too happy either.. Bleh! I think I need a nap before my head implodes.

Oh yeah and now my 4th envy is turning off at least 8 times a day! I HATE IT. I want a new phone, but I dont have 200 bucks for one and I dont know if my dad is going to want to chuck me off his plan or not since I am getting married... And I really want a Droid, but that involves internet and therefore an extra $30 or so a month. Maybe if i offer to pay my dad 30 bucks a month he will let me get it... haa! Shea's phone is even worse off than mine. I know he was going to get one soon. Maybe we should get new phones together...

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