Friday, March 5, 2010

Furniture Dreaming

Well this house hunting has got me on a decorating craze. Thinking about how we will need lots of furniture. So I browsed around finding things I liked. I really haven't spent much time but I have found some things that I liked. Granted these are all things that if I had an extensive endless budget I could get, however that is not the case.

However, I do have a handyman ( at least he thinks he is, I have yet to see his skills at work) for a furture husband! Whom has just gotten loads of tools for christmas. So, potentially he could build us some things. Ha! I think if he was properly motivated with the space to work then he could definately accomplish alot. I also am not afraid to refinish/revamp some furniture. Thrift store hunting is not something I cringe at. You can find really good quality stuff there, it just may need some TLC.

But in my dream world, here are some things that I would possibly get. These are all from various places : Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, (that awesome daybed that is $3,000+ is from Anthropologie), Peir 1, Target.

I really love this desk, I think it is potentially buildable. Zach may possess the skills necessary. I really like things that have storage. Since I seem to have endless amounts of 'stuff' that need a home. I constantly feel like things are laying around everywhere, but I just don't have a better place to store them.

Someday I will have a dream home with dream furniture. But I am pretty sure that day is a looonnngg way off.

Just need to win the lottery.

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