Thursday, March 11, 2010

On the go

The nice weather this week has really made me wish I had some free time to open up the garage and paint, or do some wheelthrowing. I can't even express how much I miss having the time to work on pottery, or any of my artwork in general. I think I just need to force myself to make the time. The time change on Sunday will help out, as well as the weather warming up (fingers crossed). Then I will have daylight til 7ish and I can maybe do somethings after work. Its so hard to make myself go out in the garage to paint when it is so cold out there. Plus our garage has become a storage room for alot of junk, and it is time to clean it out again.

My life lately has just seemed so chaotic lately between the wedding only being 72, yes 72 days away! Then on top of that Zach and I are house hunting! Though I have reserves about if this really is the best time for us to get a house. I know it will all work itself out and I am sure we will have a much bigger perspective on what we will do after this weekend. Saturday we are going to look at I think 15 houses. So we will see how that goes. If we do find one I am sure it will need some TLC. Then Sunday we have finally made the time to finish painting the back bedroom. It has sadly only had one painted wall for at least 4 months. Yet again my days off are never really days off.

For a happy little end to this post this video is super cute and definately hilarious!

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