Thursday, March 18, 2010

Search Continues

So the house I really liked didn't work out. :( Wasn't meant to be. So the hunt continues. I think we ( or maybe just Zach) are going to see 4 more today. They are all in the lynnhaven area so not sure about that...
There is still one in Aragona that is okay too I have looked at it twice. I feel like I have really been slacking with the wedding planning lately, since I have been consumed with house hunting.

This whole thing is pretty disheartening. I have sure seen some horrible houses that give me the creeps. Have also had several strange and awkward encounters with people being in the house when you look at it. Every time that has happened it has been super weird and you can't really talk about the house in front of them for fear of offending them. I prefer houses without the homeowners inside. I think I like looking at vacant houses more too. It always throws me off more when other peoples things are in there. Especially if they have made no effort to straighten up. We have seen over 30 houses now it seems like and I have really liked one. and kind of liked another. There was a third that was Ok but had too many downsides. I wonder if it always takes people this long to find what they are looking for.
Hopefully tonight will bring on better luck!

On another note the weather has been beautiful! The fact that it is too dark to run in the morning is rather annoying though. Going after work is way more inconvenient. Price to pay to look nice and fit. We are almost to the 2 month mark until the wedding which completely blows my mind. It is coming up fast! The spring weather sure makes me feel more cheerful though!

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