Monday, June 7, 2010


Going to another country for two weeks has really made me realize a few things:

  • Being away for two weeks is too long... one week is plenty
  • Getting home can be more exciting than leaving
  • Be extra crazy about germs because getting sick in another country SUCKS
  • Don't kiss the blarney stone, you may get herpes
  • Research cost a lot more before you take your trip
  • Don't rent a car from Hertz, they may charge $2000 on your card without telling you
  • I am so proud and happy to be an American
  • Go somewhere where the currency exchange rate is better for you, not worse
  • Surprisingly Ireland has larger portion sizes than America
  • I did miss the internet and my cell phone, but I can live without it
  • Ireland probably has more cows and sheep than people
  • Planning isn't such a bad thing
  • Nothing is better than home
I am sure I could think of more things and our trip was fun, but I am happy to be home. I have so many things I want to blog about and a ton of pictures to load and sort through! So look forward to lots of home improvement, honeymoon pics, and all the deets on Zach and I's amazing wedding (on my wedding blog of course). I can't tell you how many people loved the wedding and said it was the most beautiful wedding they've ever been to. It couldn't have turned out any better!

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