Monday, June 28, 2010

Some things accomplished, some things not.

My list for my weekend to-do's was extensive and sadly I didn't get it all done. My weekend was an impromptu 3 day weekend. Sadly not for a good reason. Friday was my uncle Jeff's funeral. That put a damper on the three day weekend. However I still accomplished a lot. Friday I went to some thrift stores and found an old green bottle, some potpourri an awesome BCBG dress, and another dress from the loft. Pictures to come.

Alyssa and I also tackled the disaster of the back room. Basically anything and everything that didn't have an immediate home when we moved got put there, and stayed there. It was basically a room filled with junk and no place to walk. It is the 3rd bedroom which will be an office, studio, and room for miscellaneous items like Zach's guitar collection. I wish I had taken a picture before, but lets just say it is greatly improved. I can now call it organized.

Saturday Zach and I had to make a trip to Lowe's. What a married thing to do. Sadly the patched holes weren't dry enough to sand so I didn't get to paint the living room. However I did manage to paint the entry table. Alyssa and I also hung up all my pictures and paintings. Much improved, the house actually looks lived in now. Zach spent the day working on a big L shaped desk for the back room.

Sunday I started sanding one of the side tables, and Zach was working on the desk, when he decided he wanted to go to water country! It is rare for him to be spontaneous, so I went with it and Alyssa and my brother ended up coming. Minus my migraine for half of it it was a lot of fun. Plus now for the price of one ticket we can go there as much as we want through August first. Sadly we can't call it free since parking is $13 and a locker is $10 but still, pretty good deal. The desk and side table are still works in progress. I think we had a pretty successful weekend though!

Now our AC is broken. Of course its almost 100 degrees out today too. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow. I'm more mad that I knew something was wrong and we had someone come out Wednesday. He said it was fine, now we are stuck with no AC and have to wait for them to come back tomorrow. I may be sleeping at my moms. I also think I have decided that if our house isn't too unbearable I may paint tonight.

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