Friday, June 18, 2010

Plumbing Problems

Zach and I have encountered our first big home disaster emergency. The tub had been getting more and more clogged. When we got home from our honeymoon it was even worse. I bought a bottle of draino and ended up using the entire thing, only that didn't work at all. I figured we would get a hold of a snake and attempt to fix the clog that way. Only the clog decided to fight back before we had a chance. Wed morning Zach got up to shower and realized it wasn't draining much at all. Once he got out of the shower he realized all the water from the tub was deciding to come back up through the bottom of the toilet around the wax ring and flood the entire bathroom. We ended up getting a plumber over who had to run a snake through the roof. Good news he got rid of the clog, bad news was there was a bigger problem with the pipe leading out of the house. He said he believed roots had made their way into the pipe and thats where the main problem was. So until we fixed that we couldn't really use the bathroom at all.
So to not rake up an insane bill we decided to do the digging ourselves. We weren't exactly sure where the pipe was but we had a general idea. My poor flower bed is now destroyed.. First step was to rip out the big hedge in the area we needed to dig. Then Zach, his dad, and brother began digging a trench that by the end of Wednesday was 6 feet wide and a foot and a half deep. Still no sign of the pipe and the thunderstorm stopped them of digging any more. Thursday the three of them went back at it and ended up with a 10 ft wide trench, still no pipe. Finally after 7 hours of digging yesterday they had uncovered the pipe.
And all my pretty flowers are killed. It took the plumber about 15 minutes to replace the terracotta pipe (how old is that! probably original to the house) with PVC. Indeed roots had broken into the pipe and made a massive clog. So at least its fixed now. Poor Zach, Mike and Josh are going to be sore for days. Now I am left with a pathetically destroyed flowerbed. What can I plant in the summer that doesn't have extreme roots?!

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