Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Part One

The weekend of the Bachelorette party Alyssa, Ashley and I begun part one of the Kitchen Makeover. I think we outdid ourselves a bit and took on a lot for one weekend. We painted both the walls AND cabinets of the Kitchen. Although my kitchen isn't huge it was still a huge task and a lot of trimming and tedious painting. We somehow managed to finish it all in that one weekend, even though we were a tad bit hungover from the Saturday night Bachelorette party festivities. Here is the before ( note: the table was the previous owners, not mine)

And the after:

For the cabinets we used two coats of Kiltz Primer and two coats of white semi gloss paint. For the walls we used a color match to Benjamin Moore's Antiguan Sky in eggshell. Previously the walls were a high gloss white and the cabinets were a grey. I think it already looks considerably fresher.

Now things still left to be done:
  • Paint table and chairs (starting tomorrow)
  • Make curtains ( I plan on using a solid color cotton with a band of Batik at the top)
  • Replace countertops
  • Redo backsplash with assorted blue and green glass cut into 1" x  6" peices and made into a vertical pattern, this will be done after the counter tops are put in
  • sand and paint ceiling ( it is a light grey and is peeling in spots)
  • replace dishwasher

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