Thursday, June 10, 2010

Munny Munth

So by now anyone who reads my blog should know that I love Kidrobot, especially their Dunny's. I have a few blank Munnys to design. One is the cat Trikky, the other is just a normal munny, and I also have a smaller Munny ornament. So apparently over at Kidrobot it is Munny Month. There is a design contest for the best designed Munny. I'm considering entering. You can go here to enter.  Last weeks winner Bryan Collins did an unbeliveable job with his Zombie Munny. Then again he makes a lot of custom toys. See his work here.

 I really don't think I could trump that, but it would still be fun to enter. If anything it could at least motivate me to actually design mine rather than let them continue to collect dust!

Note: I just realized its 7 inch Munnys only. Boo. At least they are offering Buy one Get one Free!

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