Friday, June 11, 2010


My hair is in pretty rough shape since I haven't cut it since August, and was determined to grow it out for the wedding. While I like my hair long, it just seems to be getting thinner and thinner. I am surprised I am not bald with all the hair I am shedding. Plus the ends are in awful shape. My bangs seemed to have reached a point where they don't want to grow out anymore too. I have made an appointment for Tuesday, but still have no idea what I want. I just want something fresh and different. It seems a lot of the hairstyles I liked are drastically shorter and have bangs. Bangs are cute but they always end up getting dirty real fast. Not sure I want to venture into that again.

Don't know why they are all blondes...which is another thing I have been longing to revert to. This is the only picture I could find while at work of me with blonde hair...

My family always liked me as a blonde. Now I am actually back to my natural color and I haven't dyed my hair in a year and a half. Longest time ever since 7th grade. My hair is like a reddish light brown with a hint of dirty blonde. Here you can some what glimpse my hair length and color... and my stupid grown out bangs falling out of my headband!

I know Zach would be quite upset if i went back to blonde... but maybe I can make a compromise with blonde highlights? No telling. Any hair suggestions for me?

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  1. Your hair is such a pretty color right now.....think of the maintenance required to keep up with colored hair......