Monday, May 17, 2010

Custom stamps

My Aunt Stacy came by my house yesterday and brought over my bridal shower gifts, since she couldn't make it to my shower. She got me a cute mirror from target that I registered for, a book with the proper gifts for each wedding anniversary up to your 60th, and this customized stamp gift certificate with stationary. The stamp I thought was totally awesome. Of course I immediately wanted to go pick out my customized stamp! The website is Three Designing Women, and they have everything from stamps to notes, stationary, and cards. Here is the gift set I got along with the customized stamp gift certificate.
Pretty cool! They had a wide variety of custom stamps, and I had a hard time choosing one! Here are the options:

Here is the design I picked:

We will probably be out of town when it arrives but I am still excited! And thanks to Aunt Stacy, Kaelyn, Jenna, and Jackie for the awesome gifts!

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