Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

SO its my birthday! I am now 23. Wooo Hooo!

Nothing special happening today. I am at work as usual. BORING. Maybe Ashley will come have lunch with me... Zach is going to take me to dinner. I haven't decided on a restraunt yet. It's probably driving him crazy. HA as if on cue he just texted me AGAIN asking where we were going. I woke up and went to the kitchen to find flowers!

My mom and I got a bunch of my quilt strips cut last night. I may try to finish the rest at work today.
I'm looking forward to Saturday. Going to the pottery (my gma bought me, my mom, alyssa, joni, and herself matching shirts) theres two pink, two blue, and one purple. I got purple. They are weird and "weatherproof". We are also going to the Prime outlets ( Can't wait for BCBG, and Nine West, and Banana Republic!) Then I am having a birthday dinner at my house. Very excited!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

At a loss

There are certain things in my life right now that I really Do NOT know what to do about. I'm at a complete crossroads. And I really feel dumbfounded by it all.

My mom really pushed me running this morning. On Monday I ran 3.4 miles in 34.46 Today I ran it in 33.16. Pretty good I think. It was tough but I wasn't dying at the end, the second I stopped I was fine. My hip was bothering me a bit, but not too bad.

Tonight I am having Ashley, Amie and Jamie over for dinner. I've had chili in the croc pot cookin all day. So it should be tasty! I'm excited to see them too! Only I still feel like someone will be missing. Gulli. I wish I knew how she was, where she was, and why she doesn't want to be our friend anymore. I wonder if I will ever know.

My birthday is a week away. 23. Sounds kind of old. I feel like How the heck am I 23 already!? This past year has gone by so fast. Especially when I think about what a completely different place I was in. My life has definately changed alot.

I haven't had any customers today. I am ready to go home.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Is a good word to describe me.
I feel like I need some sort of change. I have been going through this Blonde hair withdrawl. I almost miss my platinum locks. And maybe its because Zach doesn't like blonde hair and so its almost like I am banned from ever having blonde hair again! Everyone knows you always want the things you can't have. I feel like its time for another haircut. It has only been about 2 months.... that is a decent amount of time right? I feel like I need some sort of change. My bangs definately need to be cut at least. But I am considering yet again to go shorter. But then I do like my long hair and fear I would be sad to part with it. So there's your indecision! My hair has lightened a ton this summer. I haven't dyed my hair in almost a year so it is pretty much as natural as you get. So I really should just stick with it and not dye it again... But I want to do something. My last haircut wasn't much different from what I had before...

So I also have been feeling worse about two of my 3 pets being overweight. Lurina is almost hopeless. I did find a favorite toy and have been playing with her. But she gets sick of it.

Zach and I have been aiming to give Kathy 2 walks a day. At LEAST one a day but 2 is the goal. I think she is looking a little healthier. We... or I guess more I need to stop giving her scrap people food too. Hopefully this will do her some good.

Not sure what is in store for tomorrow. Maybe need to mow the lawn again? Or start stripping wallpaper in the bathroom? Or work on the painting for my dads office? I haven't gotten to do any art lately because I've been so busy with the house. But when there are so many things you want to get done its hard to slow down and relax and do more things you enjoy. I really need to pound that into my brain. "IT DOES NOT HAVE TO ALL BE DONE AT ONCE!"
I'm generally impatient so that is a hard concept for me to grasp.

I am just waiting for this day to be over with. I haven't been posting pictures on here lately. I feel like it is making my blog gloomy. I need to fix this.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Now what do I get excited for?

The dunnies came! So exciting! Didn't get some of the rare ones I thought were awesome but we did pretty good! Now I need something else to look forward to. I guess the weekend.

I've been thinking alot about getting thigh highs. Wonder if they come in Opaque...I need to look. I like tights I just hate having them on my waist. Not attractive.

Not sure what's in store tonight... Zachs going shooting.

Dunny Awesomeness!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesdays confuse me

So now my work schedule is pretty consistant for a few weeks. Tuesday and Saturday I have off (plus Sunday since my store isn't open that day). So yesterday I was off work. I pretty much worked from 8 am to 5 pm. Hard sweaty labor. Oh the beauty of having a home. So much WORK to do.

I finally picked up poop, pinecones, and sticks. Then set to work mowing the yard. I did the front and got a blister. How lame. Zach did the backyard. It was sweat city out there, and I got alot of bug bites. Killed a ton of spiders.YUCK. Pulled some weeds too! I also cleaned out the entire garage and re-organzed. It's alot better now..

This litterally took all day. I finally showered a little after 5. Then went to eat dinner with Dianne and my mom at One Fish Two Fish. I got a tasty appetizer with crab, spinach and mozzarella with grilled squash and a red pepper sauce. It was really good. And we had good conversation till about 9:30.

Having Tuesday off really messes with me though, makes me feel like work on Wednesday is really Monday.

White water rafting came up in conversation last night. I really want to go. I mentioned it to Zach and he is also down with it. Wish he had a weekend off so we could go while its still nice enough out!

Dunnies are expected to come in the mail tomorrow! YES!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another busy weekend

I feel like there really isn't any time for relaxing. But I don't mind I like being busy and feeling like I am accomplishing something.
This weekend I:
bought a bedspread
bought fabric for my quilt
recovered both sets of chairs
painted the 1/2 bathroom ( it is REALLY bright)
cut zeba's hair
made some yummy dinners
walked kathy ALOT!

Recovering the chairs was probably the most challenging. the one set had four layers of fabric they were progressively getting more discusting. When we got down to the cushioning part it was just like dissinegrating. So we had to go get new batting and stuff to put on them. They are WAY nicer now. Before they were really hard. Probably from so many years of butt abuse. Now they are real nice, and recovering dinner chairs is really simple, so its a real easy fix.

I ran 3 miles this morning. It feels so nice to run with the weather being a little cooler. Waking up when its still pitch black out sucks but once you are up and moving its fine. I may run this Lighthouse 5k in oct. as well as the wicked 10K on Halloween. My moms friend is in charge of it and it sounds like alot of fun. Plus 6.2 miles is easy AND I can wear a costume!

My right hip is still really bothering me. Not just when I run. Its anytime really. Last night when I was trying to fall asleep it was really bothering me. Walking the dog. Right now it even aches. So my mom can't make it to her massage tonight so I am taking her place. I hope that it helps. Taking a week off of running really changed nothing.

I still have so much I need to get done. Mowing the yard is the front runner. But the list is endless...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

house photos and colors

PAINT COLORS: the bright bluish teal is for the larger bathroom.  
Brittany blue: hall and living room.
Waters edge: dining room and living room accent wall
Paris Rain: Kitchen
Bird of Paradise: Small 1/2 bath off master bendroom
Himalayan Trek: Zach's room with the other tv.

So heres some pictures of the living and dining room though they aren't very good.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long weekend

So this weekend started off with me going on a hunt for a new bed. Which we found!
So Zach and I now have a king size bed. It's nice actually having space, though I haven't slept good since we got it due to : being anxious about the race. Then just being so sore and unable to get comfortable. plus having bizarre dreams. Like super strange. Hopefully tonight I will sleep better. Since I am not nearly as sore.

I also got the paint for the two bathrooms and Zach's room. So I've not only got taking down wallpaper and sanding down the celing and priming to do but also lots of painting! I think it will look good. I picked kind of bright colors for the bathrooms, but I am happy with my choices.

I finished the race in 2 hrs 40 min and 23 seconds. Not bad. I would have finished around 2 hr 30 min but my left hamstring was cramping reallly bad and I had to keep stopping to stretch. Sucked. It was so frustrating, but I wanted to finish, and time isn't all that important. My mom had gotten me new shoes and inserts, they certainly saved my feet.

So the remainder of sunday I was just exhausted I layed around my moms watching Tennis. then we made peach cobbler. I went home and Zach cooked me dinner and cleaned out the bathtub and got my epsom salt bath ready for me. Then he sat in there and chatted with me while I relaxed. What a great boyfriend I have!

Yesterday my grandma had a "southern meal" I brought barbie in her labor day garb. It was nice and we played scrabble. Then Zach and I pretty much relaxed for the rest of the day.

I am considering making barbie a facebook page... With photos of all her outfits. Ha! I think it would be kind of funny. I guess its time to go "back to work"

Friday, September 4, 2009

Attempting to get rid of some furniture

I finally put my bedroom set up on craigslist. I wonder if anyone will buy it. If not I guess I will take it to a consignment store. I need to get rid of that old entertainment center that is taking up my entire shed right now. Sadly I do not have any pictures of that to put up. Nor do I have any method to transport it to a consignment shop or something. Super lame.

This weekend I want to start removing the wallpaper in the bathroom, as well as refinishing my sewing table. If the removing of the wallpaper goes well maybe I will even get some painting done! Weve picked out paint colors for both bathrooms and Zach's man room. Ha. I feel like our house is just endless work.

I spent all day yesterday preparing mailings, but I am still not done. Sucks.

I also think I like too many tv shows. I always forget this until the fall primetime line up starts. I guess it could be worse. Theres only like one or two shows a night until you get to thursday. Theres FIVE shows on thursday night that I watch. WTF. Why don't these networks spread that crap out. Move some to tuesday because nothing comes on Tuesday nights. It's sad. Thank god for on demand and DVR since I almost never watch shows when they actually air. Except for True Blood and Weeds. But HBO and Showtime shows don't have comercials so thats a little different.

I guess it is time to start working on mailings again. Lame. Thank god its Friday and it is going to be a 3 day weekend.

The half marathon is Sunday. I hope I am ready. And I hope the weather is alright.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The house is improving

So Zach and I's house is getting closer and closer to being more organized. There is still so much to do, but at least I feel like we are getting somewhere.
Sunday we finally replaced the faucet in the kitchen. So now its all new, and nicer than the old one. We also put in a new light fixture in the 'dining room' so that hideous chandelier is gone. Zach and his dad installed a kitty door (for hefty cats HA!) on the garage door so we moved their litter box out there. So much nicer. They weren't liking it at first. and they are still a little hesitant about using it but we put their food out there too and its getting eaten so they are definately going out there.

Yesterday Zach and I both had off and we worked allllll day long. I went and switched out the old verizon box for an HD one and picked up cat litter while he was still in class. Folded laundry. Then we went to some thrift stores looking for some furniture. I did find a wood stool that i can sit on when I paint so we did accomplish something! Then we went and picked up some more stuff from his parents house. His mom gave me a mirror that I still dont know where I am going to put, but I like it alot.
We went to target and got some more house stuff. Glasses, some towels, paper towel holder. Mainly dumb stuff. Got home and did some more organizing. Made a grocery list, got food then came home and I made some broiled chicken with polenta, and steamed broccoli for dinner. It was super yummy. After that I mopped the office and cleaned out the closet completely since it was gross from having the litter box in there. We rearranged the furniture. Though it still needs some work because its like furniture all around the room and nothing in the middle. Kind of dumb. So there is still more work to be done. I am moving all of my clothes into there tonight.

Ashley's old bedroom or "zachs man cave" as he calls it has the 42" tv and his futon and some ugly crate furniture in there now. But it is pretty straightened up.

We are slowly getting there. Now I've got to put the bedroom set in my room up on craigslist. Zach wants to get a king sized bed too... sooo don't know when thats happening...

Ill put up house pictures soon.