Friday, September 4, 2009

Attempting to get rid of some furniture

I finally put my bedroom set up on craigslist. I wonder if anyone will buy it. If not I guess I will take it to a consignment store. I need to get rid of that old entertainment center that is taking up my entire shed right now. Sadly I do not have any pictures of that to put up. Nor do I have any method to transport it to a consignment shop or something. Super lame.

This weekend I want to start removing the wallpaper in the bathroom, as well as refinishing my sewing table. If the removing of the wallpaper goes well maybe I will even get some painting done! Weve picked out paint colors for both bathrooms and Zach's man room. Ha. I feel like our house is just endless work.

I spent all day yesterday preparing mailings, but I am still not done. Sucks.

I also think I like too many tv shows. I always forget this until the fall primetime line up starts. I guess it could be worse. Theres only like one or two shows a night until you get to thursday. Theres FIVE shows on thursday night that I watch. WTF. Why don't these networks spread that crap out. Move some to tuesday because nothing comes on Tuesday nights. It's sad. Thank god for on demand and DVR since I almost never watch shows when they actually air. Except for True Blood and Weeds. But HBO and Showtime shows don't have comercials so thats a little different.

I guess it is time to start working on mailings again. Lame. Thank god its Friday and it is going to be a 3 day weekend.

The half marathon is Sunday. I hope I am ready. And I hope the weather is alright.

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