Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long weekend

So this weekend started off with me going on a hunt for a new bed. Which we found!
So Zach and I now have a king size bed. It's nice actually having space, though I haven't slept good since we got it due to : being anxious about the race. Then just being so sore and unable to get comfortable. plus having bizarre dreams. Like super strange. Hopefully tonight I will sleep better. Since I am not nearly as sore.

I also got the paint for the two bathrooms and Zach's room. So I've not only got taking down wallpaper and sanding down the celing and priming to do but also lots of painting! I think it will look good. I picked kind of bright colors for the bathrooms, but I am happy with my choices.

I finished the race in 2 hrs 40 min and 23 seconds. Not bad. I would have finished around 2 hr 30 min but my left hamstring was cramping reallly bad and I had to keep stopping to stretch. Sucked. It was so frustrating, but I wanted to finish, and time isn't all that important. My mom had gotten me new shoes and inserts, they certainly saved my feet.

So the remainder of sunday I was just exhausted I layed around my moms watching Tennis. then we made peach cobbler. I went home and Zach cooked me dinner and cleaned out the bathtub and got my epsom salt bath ready for me. Then he sat in there and chatted with me while I relaxed. What a great boyfriend I have!

Yesterday my grandma had a "southern meal" I brought barbie in her labor day garb. It was nice and we played scrabble. Then Zach and I pretty much relaxed for the rest of the day.

I am considering making barbie a facebook page... With photos of all her outfits. Ha! I think it would be kind of funny. I guess its time to go "back to work"

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