Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The house is improving

So Zach and I's house is getting closer and closer to being more organized. There is still so much to do, but at least I feel like we are getting somewhere.
Sunday we finally replaced the faucet in the kitchen. So now its all new, and nicer than the old one. We also put in a new light fixture in the 'dining room' so that hideous chandelier is gone. Zach and his dad installed a kitty door (for hefty cats HA!) on the garage door so we moved their litter box out there. So much nicer. They weren't liking it at first. and they are still a little hesitant about using it but we put their food out there too and its getting eaten so they are definately going out there.

Yesterday Zach and I both had off and we worked allllll day long. I went and switched out the old verizon box for an HD one and picked up cat litter while he was still in class. Folded laundry. Then we went to some thrift stores looking for some furniture. I did find a wood stool that i can sit on when I paint so we did accomplish something! Then we went and picked up some more stuff from his parents house. His mom gave me a mirror that I still dont know where I am going to put, but I like it alot.
We went to target and got some more house stuff. Glasses, some towels, paper towel holder. Mainly dumb stuff. Got home and did some more organizing. Made a grocery list, got food then came home and I made some broiled chicken with polenta, and steamed broccoli for dinner. It was super yummy. After that I mopped the office and cleaned out the closet completely since it was gross from having the litter box in there. We rearranged the furniture. Though it still needs some work because its like furniture all around the room and nothing in the middle. Kind of dumb. So there is still more work to be done. I am moving all of my clothes into there tonight.

Ashley's old bedroom or "zachs man cave" as he calls it has the 42" tv and his futon and some ugly crate furniture in there now. But it is pretty straightened up.

We are slowly getting there. Now I've got to put the bedroom set in my room up on craigslist. Zach wants to get a king sized bed too... sooo don't know when thats happening...

Ill put up house pictures soon.

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