Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nail Painting

If you know me then you already know I am semi- obsessed with nail polish and nail painting. I probably paint my nails once every 3 days since they chip so quickly. Plus once my nail polish chips I sit there and peel all the rest of the polish off. I use OPI's Chip Skip, so usually it comes off in almost one whole chunk.

Here are some of my recent nail polish adventures.

First up Marblizing. I got this idea on Pinterest when I saw this:

I followed the steps on this blog. I actually did them once and wasn't satisfied: Here is my first attempt.

So I took that polish off and started over then I got this result:

Yes this process was extremely messy, time consuming and uses a lot of polish. I think overall with both attempts I spent a good 3 1/2 hours on my nails. The water has to be room temp or it will not work. By the end I had a pretty good method down. But still all that work and it only lasted a few days! Note that this picture was taken before I got to clean my nails up and that was what it looked like with me taping around my nails. Here is a shot with the tape still on....
Here is a kind of close up shot. Definitely not clean around the edges.

I have some matte polish from Essie that I love. You use it as top coat and it turns your polish matte. It took a while to get used to not having glossy nails but I really like it. I think it works best with dark jewel toned nail polish.  Sorry that all these pictures were taken on my cellphone. And in weird my car! HA

I did my toes attempting the glitter fade. I think it turned out pretty cool. I liked it so much I did my nails the exact same though I did not get a picture of that.

The lighting on this next picture is awful so I apologize in advance. I used a very light silvery purple with a graphite grey metallic polish on the tips.

This last one is another attempt on an idea I got on pinterest. It uses one of my favorite polishes Essie's Chinchilly with a gold glitter fade.

I think it looks pretty cool. I am currently still sporting this look. I think next I am going to try a french with just clear polish or a very very transparent color with glittery tips. Yes I am slightly obsessed with glitter.
Here is my inspiration:
Too bad I do not sport an iphone to take nice pictures with instagram.

I do have to say I am getting VERY good at painting my nails even with my bad hand!

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