Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nursery Inspiration

So now that I know the baby is a girl I am starting to think of the nursery. I will have mainly white furniture though the dresser and changing tables may be white with a stained top. My mom has also said she plans on making the baby a quilt which will match my colors... Which will be a light warm grey on the walls. And a pale pinkish/ peach color, plus white, and copper or brown. So pretty neutral with some light pink accents. Also very girly and romantic.

LOVE these knobs for the babies room. on the dresser and changing table. They are on clearance plus I may have a hook up for extra discounts... *wink * Kaelyn... haha

This chandelier I have. It was in my bedroom at my parents house and will be perfect for the nursery. It is way more bronze/copper than this picture looks.

LOVE these curtains. They are 54"W x 84"H. I should only need one panel. But depending on if I can get a good discount or not (they are not cheap) I may be making my own. I am 100% in love with them though.

I love this little mobile and I could definitely make it myself.

Also like this Mobile which would also be easy to make. I also love the little shelves on the wall.

These two art pieces from I may be able to get from a friend. But I love them both and think they would look most excellent.

This last shot not only is very much the color scheme I like but it also has my curtains! Love it.

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