Friday, September 30, 2011

Past Due

Well I guess I am about past due for a blog entry.  I have really been slacking but it is about time I post about being pregnant now that the word is out and all! Ultimately for the past few months I haven't had anything going on since I was super tired and queasy most of the time. I pretty much just went to work and  hung out on the couch reading. But I have to say it wasn't that bad. I am very thankful I did not really have morning sickness. Now that I have hit my second trimester I am feeling like I have way more energy. I've got a definite baby bump now rather than simply always looking fat. My back is already bothering me though and I have a hard time getting comfortable in bed. Zach said he would get me a body pillow as the rest of my birthday present. I am pretty excited about that. I mean how comfy does this look!

Now the only thing I have really done to document being pregnant at all is take a few pics. Three so far to be exact. I saw this on Pinterest and loved it. So I have been attempting to create my own.

Once I have the pictures some what edited I will start posting so you can see the progress!

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