Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flash Flood

Last Wednesday night we had an insane thunderstorm. The pets and I stayed up in the front room waiting for Zach to make it home on the flooded streets admist an insane lightning storm with 45+ mph gusting winds. FINALLY after about 20 extra minutes of drive time he gets home only to discover that our back room ( the converted garage) was entirely flooded with at least an inch of water.

We spent the remainder of the night moving stuff out of that room. Putting the furniture up on wood chunks and shop vac-ing the carpet. After dumping the full shop vac out at least 4 times we decided the floor was as dry as we would get it at that point. At least there were no puddles. The next day our friend Kyle brought us a dehumidifier and we had 3 fans set up. The carpet is just now mostly dry however it is now crusty and our house smells extremely of mildew. So sad to say that hideous brown and now crunchy shag carpet has to go.

We decided home depot was our best bet since we still have some gift cards from the wedding. I am kind of bummed we have to use them because we had been saving them for my new countertops. Sadly that is now pushed back in to the way distant future. The carpet is an absolute necessity though and I think the room will look way better with fresh new carpet. We went with a pretty basic patterned carpet and got a pretty good price for it. I am pretty excited about it now although it will probably be almost three weeks before we can actually get it installed. They are coming to measure on Thursday, then it will take about another two weeks for the install.
Here is the sample of the carpet in the color we chose. Skyline Steel.

Zach also spent a lot of time the past few days digging a trench and filling it with rock in the back yard as well as doing the whole flower bed next to the back door with rock. So hopefully we have enough drainage back there now and our room will not flood again!

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