Friday, July 2, 2010

Uber cute dresses

ModCloth offers a ton of cute things, but of course I am drawn to the dresses. Maybe could even attempt to make a few? I'm sure I could take the dress form my mom bought to sew my wedding dress... Lately I have really wanted to get back into sewing and painting. Once Zach finishes making my big L shaped desk there will be no more excuses!
Too bad my job isn't just to paint, do pottery, sew, and fix up my house, and of course blog about it all day! Anyways back to the dresses, and no I couldn't just pick a few.

Dresses I love:

If this was light blue fading to light green I would LOVE it.

Dresses I could easily make: (some above I could as well)

I need to ask my grandma to teach me how to smock

not a fan of the colors or fabric but the idea and shape are nice maybe with some burnout fabric?

I could easily use a razorback tank top to make this.

this one would be real simple and good for work

also very easy

Dresses that would be good for work:

this would be better with a different color.

This would be good minus the last ruffle. That length would make me look retarded and even more short.

Can you tell I really like sheer fabrics on dresses too??? I wish I had all these in my closet!
All images courtesy ModCloth

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