Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lamp Redo

Well I got this Idea to transform some desk lamps. Now it is done! I have been searching for the perfect lamps for a few weeks now. Sunday I found them! I actually got an awesome deal and snagged them (at a thrift store of course) BOTH for only $2.98!!! What a deal. I spent about $6 on spray paint at Michaels. I got Primer and a nice teal.
Let me just say. I am not patient and I was to excited to spend time taking before pictures. However this can give you the idea.
Now this was my inspiration.

 And here are mine.

Sorry for all the junk! Zach sent me the pick via Cell Phone...

I think they turned out great! They only needed one coat of primer and one coat of paint.
I also painted this which I may use as a jewelry holder.

I got the frame from Janet. We got the lamp shades from Ollies for $4.99 each.

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