Thursday, July 8, 2010

Office Inspiration

Now that my living room is pretty much done. Other than refinishing my kitchen table, I don't have too many other immediate projects. The counters and backspash for the kitchen can't be done until we can afford it. So I will have to tide myself over with little projects. When I saw this bulletin board makeover on a blog I follow Shopping Candy I thought this is something I can easily whip up. Here is her before and after:

Now my house has a lot of white in it, and our spare bedroom or office's walls are currently white. So I am thinking maybe I would paint a thrift store found frame a bright teal, or some other bold color. Zach is currently in the process of making me this awesome desk. So I probably will not have a desk for another month or so. I still have no idea what color I am going to paint the walls. Maybe a grey? Either way here are some inspiration photos.

love the shelves, sadly I have no room that big

I like the cozy feel of this
I wish I had a studio. I love the storage those drawers have to offer.
I love that chest with the drawers and that lacy basket
Love this, cozy and it looks functional. Love the little containers on the wall. And how it looks like they hung inspiration up on the wall.
Those little shelves scream 'dunny' to me!
This room looks cluttered but organized. With all the stuff I have I hope I can make it look like this. I like the addition of flowers and I love that lamp.

I love this chair. I hope I can find a little chair like this at the thrift store that I can paint and recover. This is another one of those little projects I can be working on.

I'm not a fan of orange but I really like this Monochromatic look.

All the images I found on Google image search and on another blog I love to follow Design Sponge

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