Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eye Candy

Here are things I like, love, want, or inspire me:
Now I have an overhang like this in the kitchen... maybe I could do something like this...

Zach and I need to get a couch... or 2 soon. I haven't found one I am completely crazy about in our price range...

(saw this last one on a friends blog and I really like it but not sure where it is from..) Alyssa would hate the fabric. At first I was thinking tan couches. but I may be leaning towards grey now. Depends on what we find I guess.

The last two are Urban Outfitters.

I am always swooning over storage and shelves.
I really like this. Obviously I dont have the space. But i even like everything in clear jars and out so you can see it.
This is the idea of an Ikea shelf I want to try and build with Janet. I would lay it on its side and probably make the top deeper so it can function as a window seat.

I think this is a neat way to separate a room and I just LOVE those types of shelves.

This one someone made out of dresser drawers!

More great storage.

I adore little square drawers like this, I think it would function wonderfully in a studio... if I ever have one.

I just like this. from the weathered mantel type shelf to the frosted sea foam bottles to the candles! I don't have a fireplace and this looks like some sort of substitute.

I am also on the hunt for curtains

 First one is Ikea, second is Bed Bath & Beyond. I actually think lately I have seen more shower curtains that I liked that could just as easily function as curtains. Target just came out with some new ones with very bright colors and designs. Similar to this.
Anthropologies bedding can't be beat.

This first one is Tuxedo in white.

This one is their Cirrus Bedding.

Lastly is the Rosette bedding. Which is my favorite. They come in several colors. I want this Rosette bedding more than anything else. Though sadly it would probably cost me upwards of $300 for the bedding and two pillows... Maybe I'll ask Elyse tomorrow what it would be with her discount.. 

Yes here is more glass bottles, I just love them so!

And more lamps.

(Images are courtesy Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, google image search, and other blogs.)
I have held onto these pictures for a while and now I can't remember where everything is from!

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  1. bottles are the one thing i love that i actually have a lot of but i dont think you can have too many.