Thursday, July 8, 2010

Living Room Makeover

So on the 4th of July our living room finally got a new paint job. Thanks to Alyssa and Janet we managed to finish it by noon! Here is the room before:

Now that isn't our furniture, and the wall opposite the brownish orange wall was also the same color.
Here is our room now:

The painting is one that I did. The mirror is from a thrift store.
We still desperately need curtains. I am going to try and find some and a rod that I can maybe paint at a thrift store.

These are cyanotypes I did in college.

This is one of my cousin Ashleys photographs, it was a wedding gift.

Kathy is doing rug dog in the back! Ha! and Alyssa left her drink on the table!

I got this potpourri at a thrift store and put it in one of my glass cylinders.

I printed these pictures off myself and framed them in frames from Bed Bath and Beyond. (Some I got at my bridal shower, Thanks Jessica!) I went back and got one more. They were on clearance and I used the 20% off coupon. $6 is a great deal for one of them.

The photos i bought off of Etsy a year or two ago from a photographer in Richmond.
Theres the little Bird hooks I got at the thrift store a while back.

Now remember this guy?

Here it is now:

I put my knitting basket in the cubby.
Isn't it so much better!? I started sanding it then Janet offered to refinish it and our other side table. They also all have 3 coats of Poly on the top. This one the cubby is painted the same color as I did the entry table. 

Someone gave us this for free. It used to be a darker honey colored wood.
I put the basket of pet toys underneath it.

The lamps are from my grandmother. We got them as a wedding gift. They are crystal and I love them!

Janet also did this awesome coffee table for us.
The table was from a thrift store. She replaced the top, and built the little shelf underneath! 
She also snagged both baskets from Ross for only $7.99!

So there is the room so far. The couches are Jessica's so we really need to buy our own. Then we need curtains. The computer and the table its sitting on are going to be moved as soon as my desk is done. Even if it isn't finished it is still SO much better than it was. 


  1. Looks great.....I love it!! We're still going to get you the couch!

  2. screw whatever job you're doing and go into interior decorating.