Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Im getting married! Ahhhh!

I can't believe it! I am so excited!!! He totally caught me off guard. We went out to dinner and everything was completely normal. He had really sweaty hands but I didn't think anything of it. So we go home and I am waiting on the porch to get in the house. He went back to the car to get something and came up to unlock the door. He dropped his keys gets down on his knee ( I thought to pick them up) then he turns to me and pulls out a ring! Then asks me to marry him! I gasped with shock and he said my eyes got huge. And of course I said yes!
Turns out he even asked my dad's permission yesterday. So cute! Poor guys been a total nervous wreck all day!

Now I have so much planning to do and I couldn't be happier!

New Version of a Polaroid?

Either I am out of the loop or this just came out. Very possible it is the first one. But I am LOVING this. Its like a new version of a Polaroid camera and I want it! Film is still pretty expensive and the camera is $130.00 But I want it!!!!! Maybe Santa will get it for me....

New Moon

Okay so, New Moon completely blew Twilight out of the water. I am super tired today but I think seeing it last night was worth it. Plus I had a day full of my Bestie!
I was happy to see the special effects were considerably better... the running and the glittery skin was better, the wolves turned out pretty good too. I was worried that they were the size of real wolves but luckily they were gigantic like they are supposed to be in the book. All in all I have yet to think of something I didn't like about it. It stayed true to the book for the most part. ( there was a little more action with the Volturi but they needed more action and it was nothing crazy). Every aspect of this movie was better than Twilight. They did really well with making it depressing and dark and really showing the shift in Bella's character. I'm not gonna lie, I did really like Jacob alot more in the movie. I did NOT like him the first time I read Twilight, but the more times I have read the series the more he grows on me.

I really hope they pick up Breaking Dawn as well because there are SO many things that happen in that book that I want to see. The fourth is by FAR my favorite. I can't imagine that they wouldn't though because this movie franchise brings in SO much money and the fans would probably go insane if they didn't make it. Tweens everywhere going mental.

I also can't wait until Eclipse, which I think comes out in June. I hope it turns out as good as this one did! The only thing I could have done without last night doesn't even have to do with the movie. I could have done without that retarded line and disorganized theater, as well as those uncomfortable chairs, and all the idiot girls that had to scream when Jacob wasn't wearing his shirt and during kissing scenes. UGH shut up you idiots.

Well I think that is enough of my Nerdy post. Time to get to work...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dunny/ Munny Galore

First off... I just ordered this little guy and This munny ornament which I am super stoked to decorate, especially since my mom and brother are doing one too! It will be my 2009 ornament! hurray.

I also finally got some shelves up in my newly painted dressing/ sewing room. So my Dunnys ( well some of them...) are back on display! Still have some in the box :( and I do not want the ones on my shelf with the pottery to stay there. So I need some more shelving/ displays. But at least some are out. Zach and I have a total of 82 different dunnys, not including repeats. I love my collection!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big Step

Zach and I have been talking about buying our house from my dad. We went over things with him the other night (since he is a financial planner) but he was a little tipsy... so we need to redo that. We need to figure out how much more a mortgage payment would cost us a month. It will definiately be more than we pay now. So it is a matter of if we can afford it. I am pretty sure together we can easily get approved for the loan. If we are going to do it we need to try and do it before April so that we can get the $8,000 tax credit for new homebuyers.
This is a serious step but he seems like he definately wants to try and do it. It would definately be better to be putting our money into something we own rather than "throwing it away" on rent. Pretty exciting but scary at the same time. Major financial responsibility. Not sure if it will ACTUALLY happen but its a big possibility. And I am wondering if he wants to go through with this.. if there is more in store for us than just buying a house. No idea though. I am in the dark. HA! Only time will tell.

Also work is SERIOUSLY overloading me. I am super overwhelmed right now. I litterally have 18 BIG projects that all pretty much need to be done ASAP. Pretty sure I have too much work for one person to handle. Not to mention that is only things dealing with marketing, and I run a store on top of all that! Sheesh! I hate feeling stressed and anxious, but at the moment I don't think it is possible....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i got an entry table! hurray!

So the color really isn't awful for now. But I think I am going to make it look a little more rustic and do a wash over it with a lighter green, but the darkercolor will still come through. Maybe I'll paint it and then wipe the edges? Not sure. Guess I need to google techniques on antiquing.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Massena Storage Chest

I WANT THIS! Now lets rewind a bit...
I am finally getting rid of my Nana and Pop Pops old entertainment center... and doing a good deed all in one. I have been looking to replace the ugly entry table that went with it.. that is still in my house. So I have looked on Craiglist and in thrift stores with no luck. While on craigslist, I came across an ad where some people were helping some ex homeless people, who have just obtained a place to live but had no furniture. They were looking for people to donate furniture so these people can make their place more like home. I jumped on this because I have been looking to get rid of this stuff for a while since it is currently taking up our entire shed. So they are coming tomorrow to haul it away, and I am 99 % sure they are taking the entry table too. So I will be without an entry table.
Now... I first fell in love with this chest a few months ago when I saw it at Pier one. The one I saw is actually more of a light green color. Only it was 449.00 WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. Now its on sale... but its still 349.00. Ugh I want it so bad. But I shouldn't spend the money :( Zach would kill me)...and I am having absolutely NO luck finding a replacement table. What a predicament. I really do love it though... maybe some miracle will happen...fingers crossed!
It's only 10:30 and a very boring day at Mini Price. There is so much I could be doing if I were home. Having a home= endless work and chores to be done. But I love having my own house more than anything!
Also, I NEVER drink caffeine because it makes me extremely hyper and sometimes jittery. But this morning it was COLD in the 30's (wish it was still summer) so I decided to stop into Starbucks and warm up with a pumpkin spice latte. SO good. But I have been wired ever since! I am so motivated to do things yet I am trapped at work! What torture!

Friday, November 6, 2009

I Love to Run VB Challenge

So, since I already ran the Wicked 10 k and am pretty positive I am going to run the Shamrock 1/2 marathon I think I might as well do this challenge! The Virginia is for Lovers 14 k would pretty much fall in with training for the 1/2. If I do all 3 I get a cooler. Plus each race gets you a nice running shirt... Sooo just gotta sign up for those and pray that Ashley does too because I don't want to run it alone!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009


Seriously how are there people THIS disgusting around?

I had just finished my lunch and was at the front desk and a car pulled up. The passenger opened the door and was hunched over outside the door. And I am sitting there thinking.... what the heck. then they wiped there mouth with a towel and I am thinking OMG they are throwing up! Gross. Anyone who knows me should know I HATE throw up. So I am on the phone with my mom and I am like what do I do!? I tell her their license plate number. The woman is now standing outside barfing. My mom tells me to ask if they are going to clean it up. So they are pulling up to turn around and I go out there. I ask them excuse me are you going to clean that up? And they just look at me like I am insane. So I say this is a business and I can't have that in my parking lot. You need to clean it up. So they are like well she was throwing up before she got here. I say well that makes no difference. So they are like well she's pregnant. And I'm like I don't care if shes pregnant it is still pretty disgusting. Then they proceed to tell me I'm disgusting and I need to clean it up and drive away.

So now I have a vomit pile in the dead center of my parking lot where customers will see it and have to walk by it if they come here. Thankfully a flock of blackbirds ate all the chunks.

How are there people that inconsiderate and filthy. At least throw up in the grass! UGH. I am so grossed out and disgusted.

Scare - o - ween

The Wicked race was good, pretty hot but I think I did well. 1 hr. 4 minutes. Little over 10 min per mile. Not bad. I had trouble finding my mom and ashley and jeb after I finished though. Woops!

So Joni's party/scary halloween was successful. Minus the neighbor leech that wouldn't leave. GET A CLUE, you are ruining our party! But here are some pictures from the night. Sadly I didn't take very many. To busy scaring kids. We didn't jump out or anything just stare them down without saying a word as they walk up to the house. Pretty intimidating. There were...10 of us total including leech girl. Weirdo leech was chasing people even though we repeatedly told her not to. DUMB HEAD. Just did NOT get it. UGH. But here are some pictures from the night...

I was seriously busy non-stop from 6 am till 11 pm on Saturday. I was Super exhausted and therefor lazy on Sunday. I did clean the house and do laundry but I wore sweat pants all day and did not leave the house. Ha.