Friday, May 29, 2009

What is in store for the weekend?

So Kyle is an Ebay bidding master and last night he won me both the red panda AND the lion dunny. We did not however win the set of 7. I still want the walrus and the owl is also pretty sweet... The green one with the baby dunny coming off its back is also awesome but way outta my price range...

Ashley and I need to get back into going to the gym. Hopefully next tuesday we will go and Jeb can give us some new stuff to try.

I'm extremely glad it is Friday. I can't wait for the weekend. I hope I'll do as well tomorrow morning as I did running on Wednesday. I think I'll have ravioli for dinner. Good carb energy! ha. I also want to go to the beach or sit out in the sun and read. I feel like my weekends are always SO busy. I've got so much cleaning and stuff to catch up on. But my mind is set to enjoy this weekend and it's beautiful weather. Granted I get up early and I can't sit still so I am sure I will get some stuff done but I want to let myself relax too.

I've been thinking about James lately (or our relationship) probably partly because of what is going on with Bekah. But I hate it, I wish I wasn't, though it seems unavoidable. I'm really starting to think there was more to it that I didn't know. And thinking how ever since he has wanted absolutely nothing to do with me.. when I thought it ended pretty amiacably for a 4 year relationship. I don't know it is pretty bizzarre. I mean I am so much happier now. I don't know why I feel the need to even think about what he is doing. Maybe its just because he was my best friend so long. Just like I lost Gulli and I think about what she is doing. Even after not seeing her for almost 4 years I think I still miss her and wish she was part of my life again. I guess in both cases I just don't fully understand what happened and why they seem to have so much hate or whatever it is that they feel. Oh well I guess part of life is losing friends. But at the same time you meet new people and make new relationships.

I don't think I mentioned yet how Zach has purchased our Vacuum (since he has only one week left of employment at best buy). And it is AWESOME. Its a dyson, pretty fancy. Extremely easy to clean out. The only bad points are its not the prettiest ( its got yellow) and its kinda heavy. My arm was actually a bit tired after using it. BUT I can vacuum the entire house while using only one plug and I can easily use the hand held part and vacuum up all the hair in the cracks along the base boards and stuff. I feel like holly homemaker getting excited over a vacuum. But I feel like this is our first real purchase together. It makes him moving in a few months that much closer. I am pretty excited. He also got our tv stand which is currently wrapped in bubble wrap and stored in the office. I put pillows on top as protection and it sort of resembles a window seat.

So many things I am looking forward to doing to the house and I wonder how long it will take to make all the changes. I believe I will be having a pretty massive garage sale come September. Oh boy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shrimp and spinach white pizza

So last night for dinner I decided to make my own pizza I had gotten some dough from Trader joes so I thought I'd try it out. Here's basically what me and my sous chef Ashley did.

1 pkg. garlic and herb pizza dough from Trader joes
Roasted garlic
Ricotta cheese
Mixed Grated cheese (ours was a combo Parmesan, Fontina, Provolone and Romano)
Fresh Spinach
Small Shrimp
Olive oil
Artichoke hearts

Okay so First I peeled the shrimp while Ashley sauted the spinach with some of the roasted garlic and olive oil. She then cooked the shrimp in the same pan. I rolled the dough out on a floured surface and then spread it into a 12" round pizza pan. I coated the dough with ricotta, then sprinkled on the grated cheese. We dispersed the shrimp and spinach, added more roasted garlic ( I would have liked to have fresh whole cloves but we just used bought minced roasted garlic) I also added artichokes to part of it. No one else seemed to want any though they later regretted it! We then baked it at 425 for 10 minutes. It was Delish!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Theres a new dunny series out! And its already Sold out online. Boo Hoo. What the heck!? I want that lion one. The red panda lookin one is sweet too.

3 day weekend= OVER

SO This weekend was nice, I got a little sun and had a pretty exciting time!
Friday night: was spent at Zach's, we made dinner and watched true blood in Blu ray on his.. soon to be our insane tv.

Saturday: Ran 5. 5 miles, walked kathy, washed kathy, washed my car, read some, started laundry, showered then went to Zach's house for dinner and to hangout with his friends and brother and I met his brothers new kinda girlfriend who is also named Brittany... a bit strange. She was getting called Brittany 2. hahaha At least I get to be Brittany 1! Zach came to my house for a bit before leaving to watch the UFC fight

Sunday: Slept in till almost 8! ha Its really getting to be a task. I wake up between 5 and 630 now usually and sometimes stay in bed half asleep till 7. I did some wheelthrowing which made my arms sore to go along with my already sore legs,( well this may have happened saturday. I can't really remember.) I also cleaned house and read. Then went to the grocery. I made an apple pie which was DELISH. and I also made some speghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread. Shea, Luke, and Zach came over and ate and we watched Shawshank Redemption.

Monday: Got up at 6:30 to run which wasn't hard. I was already pretty much awake. Get there to meet my mom, ashley, jeb, and also dianne and denise who were both no shows. Ashley gets there and says she thinks she saw a dead leapord or wild cat on the side of shore drive. And shes like maybe I am crazy but it had a white belly and orange and black spots! so we decided maybe someone chucked a stuffed toy out the car, because there aren't wildcats in virginia beach! but she is going to go back to investigate after we finish running. Running was tough I kept twisting my stupid injured foot on roots and was having a hard time breathing so we only did 3 miles (we still got an okay time though)... jeb and my mom did 4. I go home and ashley calls and says IT definately is a wildcat! I took pictures so she sends me the picture. I call the park to see if they know anything about wild cats roaming around in there. They say they've never heard of any. So I call animal control and they have already gotten a call! (turns out it was ashley) Ha! So my mom suggests she submit her picture to the news. I tell her and she tells me to do it and just use her name. So I call in tell them and say I have a picture. They ask me to email it and I do. I also tell them I am Ashley Britton when asked. Not 10 minutes later I get a call from the news people with a guy who is interviewing me over the phone! Luckily I knew all the answers since I had talked to ashley. Then he asks if I'd be available to do an interview on camera later and I say sure. After that I was cursing myself, never again will I pretend to be ashley. When he called back I said Ashley wasn't there but he could call her cell and I gave him that number. I trimmed my pottery from the day before, and then I showered and headed to Ashley's parents for moral support. SO Ashley got to be on 13 news last night! And my entire family watched and laughed! All thanks to me! hahahahahahaAfter ashleys I went and sunbathed a bit then headed over to my grandma's for a cookout. We watched some old home movies and then I went home read harry potter and passed out by 9:30.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

SO you think you can dance!?

SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! Especially since Alli and Bekah are coming over for dinner and to watch it! YAY

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No you have it.

I have officially decided my life would be considerably easier if I worked in the Sifen office with the rest of the Sifen employees. Because :
  • I wouldn't have to drive through construction every day
  • I wouldn't need to drive to the Sifen office constantly and waste time and gas
  • There would be no confusion about having the most recent plan because I wouldn't have to email them to ashley, so there would be way less chance for skrew ups
  • It would be more likely I could get in touch with Don when I needed to and vice versa
  • I wouldn't be left out of all the office stuff (like everyone leaving early, and parties)
  • I would no longer work in an office with co-workers that aren't really my co-workers
  • If my mom also had an office I wouldn't have to drive constantly to consult with her about things since we are usually working together on projects.
  • I would probably get more work done and look at facebook and perez less.

So basically Sifen needs to move to a bigger office already so I can work in the office of the company that I ACTUALLY work for!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yum Yum Yum

This was soooo tasty last night. Gotta getcha some.

Monday, May 18, 2009


All my babies were sitting together yesterday. So cute! They like to watch out the door, especially now that birds and squirrels have actually started eating out of the bird feeders.

So, I woke up today with a slight headache. Which by 11 had turned into a full blown migraine. I had never had one before and I'm sure it was way milder than some that people get but it sucked nonetheless. I couldn't really see the computer screen it was like I had stared at the sun for an extended period of time and was blinded. I also had a weird bright white spot in my right eye. I also felt like I was stuck in the middle of an intense smush head game! When I started feeling nauseous I decided it was time to drive to my moms and close my eyes for a bit. I loaded up on some advil. I was there for about an hour and a half resting then I ate some lunch and decided I could stick out the rest of the workday. My head still hurts alot but its considerably better than earlier.
I have been the only one in the office for pretty much the entire day. So lonely.

Zach got a job with mini price. He is going to start out as an assistant manager at the village drive location. So that is pretty exciting. He has room to grow there. And although he will lose his Best Buy discount I think over all it will be better. Best Buy didn't appreciate him so now he will be somewhere that does! I'm wondering if we will buy a vaccum before he leaves there....

We have also come up with a plan for saving up some money for paint, curtains and other things we are going to need to buy when he moves in. I'm pretty excited about it all. I really can't wait until we get rid of that monstrosity of an entertainment center. Although the speakers Zach got are RETARDEDLY huge not to mention the big subwoofer. Do we really need movie theater sound in such a small room? I mean c'mon. But whatever. It was his prize money and it makes him happy so I guess I can suck it up... It will be a prime spot for movie nights if anyone is interested.

I am supposed to go to a tides game with Zach and some other Best Buy employees tonight I hope I am feeling well enough. If not Kyle ( one of Zach's boyfriends) said he would take my place. HA at least I joke that because Zach spends so much time with Kyle and Brad I ask him if he is hanging out with his boyfriends. Kyle would probably enjoy the game more than me. I'm not really into baseball or any sport watching for that matter. Plus a loud game may not be the best remedy for a splittling headache. :( I really did want to see Zach tonight though. We will see...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Where's the cannon?"

I have begun re-reading
starting from book one, of course. Seriously one of the best Series EVER. I've got to be prepared for the 6th movie coming out next month!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I found that Fail today while measuring a building in Newport news. And I turned Lurina into an LOL cat. Tee Hee.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I was looking on Etsy at Raku, considering getting my mom a mother's day present. There's some sweet stuff on there. It has totally made me want to use my wheel and get the things I need to have my kiln up and running. I still need kiln shelves, stilts, the correct cones, and some glazes. I'm tempted to try and make my own only I have NO idea what I am doing. I have a nice high fire glaze book with lots of recepies. but I'd probably eff them all up. Store bought glazes just aren't as nice either. What I need is to have potter friends that can help me out. Ha... Some day...

This is yet ANOTHER thing I need to save up money for. Why can't things just be free?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dead and gone

COMES OUT TODAY !!!!!! YAY for something good. So I need to go to borders and buy that...

On the bad side. My grandma's surgery is today at 1:30. They are going to open her up and do the biopsy on the tumor right there so if its cancerous they will just give her a hysterectamy. If that IS the case I really pray that the cancer hasn't spread.

I am super stressed out and worried about her. I can't focus at all. It is making me crazy! Along with this headache I woke up with. I hate it when i take advil and it doesn't work.

The weather looks pretty icky out, So I don't know if Ashley and I will be running. Stupid rain wrecking our running schedule. I miss Zach. I hope I can see him tonight.

There is just so much going through my head right now...

Monday, May 4, 2009

stormy weather dress

I really like this.
I feel like I could make a dress like this pretty easily... I want to try.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Shea's Shirt

This is my little bro's shirt design and hes in this contest... So you should Buy this

go on create an account, go to "participate" then "choose favorite" and click on "shea" underneath any of his designs then click the plus sign that is on the left for each one! You know you want to.