Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 day weekend= OVER

SO This weekend was nice, I got a little sun and had a pretty exciting time!
Friday night: was spent at Zach's, we made dinner and watched true blood in Blu ray on his.. soon to be our insane tv.

Saturday: Ran 5. 5 miles, walked kathy, washed kathy, washed my car, read some, started laundry, showered then went to Zach's house for dinner and to hangout with his friends and brother and I met his brothers new kinda girlfriend who is also named Brittany... a bit strange. She was getting called Brittany 2. hahaha At least I get to be Brittany 1! Zach came to my house for a bit before leaving to watch the UFC fight

Sunday: Slept in till almost 8! ha Its really getting to be a task. I wake up between 5 and 630 now usually and sometimes stay in bed half asleep till 7. I did some wheelthrowing which made my arms sore to go along with my already sore legs,( well this may have happened saturday. I can't really remember.) I also cleaned house and read. Then went to the grocery. I made an apple pie which was DELISH. and I also made some speghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread. Shea, Luke, and Zach came over and ate and we watched Shawshank Redemption.

Monday: Got up at 6:30 to run which wasn't hard. I was already pretty much awake. Get there to meet my mom, ashley, jeb, and also dianne and denise who were both no shows. Ashley gets there and says she thinks she saw a dead leapord or wild cat on the side of shore drive. And shes like maybe I am crazy but it had a white belly and orange and black spots! so we decided maybe someone chucked a stuffed toy out the car, because there aren't wildcats in virginia beach! but she is going to go back to investigate after we finish running. Running was tough I kept twisting my stupid injured foot on roots and was having a hard time breathing so we only did 3 miles (we still got an okay time though)... jeb and my mom did 4. I go home and ashley calls and says IT definately is a wildcat! I took pictures so she sends me the picture. I call the park to see if they know anything about wild cats roaming around in there. They say they've never heard of any. So I call animal control and they have already gotten a call! (turns out it was ashley) Ha! So my mom suggests she submit her picture to the news. I tell her and she tells me to do it and just use her name. So I call in tell them and say I have a picture. They ask me to email it and I do. I also tell them I am Ashley Britton when asked. Not 10 minutes later I get a call from the news people with a guy who is interviewing me over the phone! Luckily I knew all the answers since I had talked to ashley. Then he asks if I'd be available to do an interview on camera later and I say sure. After that I was cursing myself, never again will I pretend to be ashley. When he called back I said Ashley wasn't there but he could call her cell and I gave him that number. I trimmed my pottery from the day before, and then I showered and headed to Ashley's parents for moral support. SO Ashley got to be on 13 news last night! And my entire family watched and laughed! All thanks to me! hahahahahahaAfter ashleys I went and sunbathed a bit then headed over to my grandma's for a cookout. We watched some old home movies and then I went home read harry potter and passed out by 9:30.

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