Friday, May 29, 2009

What is in store for the weekend?

So Kyle is an Ebay bidding master and last night he won me both the red panda AND the lion dunny. We did not however win the set of 7. I still want the walrus and the owl is also pretty sweet... The green one with the baby dunny coming off its back is also awesome but way outta my price range...

Ashley and I need to get back into going to the gym. Hopefully next tuesday we will go and Jeb can give us some new stuff to try.

I'm extremely glad it is Friday. I can't wait for the weekend. I hope I'll do as well tomorrow morning as I did running on Wednesday. I think I'll have ravioli for dinner. Good carb energy! ha. I also want to go to the beach or sit out in the sun and read. I feel like my weekends are always SO busy. I've got so much cleaning and stuff to catch up on. But my mind is set to enjoy this weekend and it's beautiful weather. Granted I get up early and I can't sit still so I am sure I will get some stuff done but I want to let myself relax too.

I've been thinking about James lately (or our relationship) probably partly because of what is going on with Bekah. But I hate it, I wish I wasn't, though it seems unavoidable. I'm really starting to think there was more to it that I didn't know. And thinking how ever since he has wanted absolutely nothing to do with me.. when I thought it ended pretty amiacably for a 4 year relationship. I don't know it is pretty bizzarre. I mean I am so much happier now. I don't know why I feel the need to even think about what he is doing. Maybe its just because he was my best friend so long. Just like I lost Gulli and I think about what she is doing. Even after not seeing her for almost 4 years I think I still miss her and wish she was part of my life again. I guess in both cases I just don't fully understand what happened and why they seem to have so much hate or whatever it is that they feel. Oh well I guess part of life is losing friends. But at the same time you meet new people and make new relationships.

I don't think I mentioned yet how Zach has purchased our Vacuum (since he has only one week left of employment at best buy). And it is AWESOME. Its a dyson, pretty fancy. Extremely easy to clean out. The only bad points are its not the prettiest ( its got yellow) and its kinda heavy. My arm was actually a bit tired after using it. BUT I can vacuum the entire house while using only one plug and I can easily use the hand held part and vacuum up all the hair in the cracks along the base boards and stuff. I feel like holly homemaker getting excited over a vacuum. But I feel like this is our first real purchase together. It makes him moving in a few months that much closer. I am pretty excited. He also got our tv stand which is currently wrapped in bubble wrap and stored in the office. I put pillows on top as protection and it sort of resembles a window seat.

So many things I am looking forward to doing to the house and I wonder how long it will take to make all the changes. I believe I will be having a pretty massive garage sale come September. Oh boy.


  1. a few things:
    I have the walrus! it's awesome!
    what's going on with bekah?

  2. boyfriend troubles. Kinda remind me of some of the problems James and I started having. Or how he was treating me I guess.
    AND so jealous about the walrus! I bid on one today but lost :(