Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No you have it.

I have officially decided my life would be considerably easier if I worked in the Sifen office with the rest of the Sifen employees. Because :
  • I wouldn't have to drive through construction every day
  • I wouldn't need to drive to the Sifen office constantly and waste time and gas
  • There would be no confusion about having the most recent plan because I wouldn't have to email them to ashley, so there would be way less chance for skrew ups
  • It would be more likely I could get in touch with Don when I needed to and vice versa
  • I wouldn't be left out of all the office stuff (like everyone leaving early, and parties)
  • I would no longer work in an office with co-workers that aren't really my co-workers
  • If my mom also had an office I wouldn't have to drive constantly to consult with her about things since we are usually working together on projects.
  • I would probably get more work done and look at facebook and perez less.

So basically Sifen needs to move to a bigger office already so I can work in the office of the company that I ACTUALLY work for!

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