Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nursery Update

Well the chandelier is up! Thanks to Dennis for fixing it and the houses weird lighting for us.

Next step is paint, which I think will be happening next weekend. I decided on Benjamin Moore's Abalone.

Then once the paint is done I can actually hang the curtain and it will start looking like a room! I am planning on painting just the back wall of the closet Benjamin Moore's Sunlit Coral which is a close match to the color of the curtains.

 Then I am going to do some stencils on the wall. I am going to reuse the ones I used to do the curtains in my living room with.

I think it would be cool to do the stencils in glossy paint. I was considering using Benjamin Moore's Soft mint, and the next shade darker from Abalone which is Silver Fox.
Not sure the best way to get these colors. I won't need much paint at all. I know Benjamin Moore sells little tiny paint pots but I think chances are slim to none that they have the colors I want and that they will be glossy.

One other thing I have started working on is the baby's mobile. I found this idea on Pinterest.

You can find a free pattern to make the little birds on Spool Sewing's webpage.
I got some sticks from my parent's backyard and I have already cut out my little birds. Now I just have to sew them.

My mom is working on a quilt for the baby too. We got all the fabric for it yesterday. I found this idea on Pinterest as well.
You can purchase her patterns here. However we just figured out a pattern on our own, Ours is only going to be 42" wide by 58" long. We will only have 4 squares across and 6 squares down, each 8". I think it is going to turn out super cute. 

I did get this for christmas from Kaelyn...

So cute I love it. 

I have also picked out my crib. It is super simple but I like it. I think it is just a little silly to spending $300+ on a crib then you still need a mattress and everything, This one has really good reviews and I think it will be perfect.

I am getting more anxious because we are only around 3 months away from her arrival and I feel like so much needs to still be done. Once this nursery is further along I think I will feel a little less stressed but right now there is still so much to do. I think it is going to be extremely cute though!

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